Great Locations: 23 South Boutique

Great Locations: 23 South Boutique

23 South Boutique is one of our favorite places to see John Medeiros Jewelry Collections. 23 South is located in Morristown, New Jersey on the corner of Dehart Street and South Street.

We received the opportunity to speak with 23 South Boutique owner Marilyn Dawson. Marilyn and her husband have owned and operated 23 South for 9 years. After being in the retail business for 35 years Marilyn and her husband decided to give Morristown, a historic and community centered town a proud place to display gifts, jewelry and all things alike. 

Opening in February of 2001, 23 South Boutique offers the people and visitors of Morristown, NJ a fun, hip and elegant experience to purchase unique and memorable pieces ranging from jewelry like John Medeiros Jewelry to one-of-a-kind cups, signs, sweets and more. 

23 South Boutique is a loyal retailer of John Medeiros Jewelry, stating they enjoy ordering from John and his team because they are always coming out with new styles. Right now their favorite is our Anvil Knot pieces. Marilyn said she believed her customers enjoy the pieces she choose from John Medeiros Jewelry Collection because it is Two Tone, designed in a way where it is safe and not too much out of people comfort zone which helps appeal to a wide range of her customers. 

If you are in the New England area, check out 23 South Boutique in Morristown, NJ. Send us a picture of the John Medeiros Jewelry you purchase from our friends at 23 South and tag us! We would love to see what you find.