How To Clean Your Jewelry

How To Clean Your Jewelry

Our unique, handcrafted pieces for any occasion are simple, easy and environmentally friendly to clean and care for. Follow These Three Steps to properly care for your jewelry.

1. Avoid Polishers or Chemicals

No need for harsh chemicals, creams, perfumes, abrasives or polishing clothes. Unfortunately, the items above will deteriorate the product. This is something we must keep in mind when wanting our jewelry to last and be enjoyed for generations. You also should not use polishing cloths or liquids.

Please keep this in mind as any use of chemicals or polishing clothes of any kind will affect your Jewelry’s warranty. Also avoid any perfumes or chlorinated water as these will also deteriorate your pieces with time. Remove jewelry before bathing. 

2. Use a Cotton Cloth

To clean and care for your John Medeiros Jewelry, please use a soft, dry cotton cloth. This will remove any dirt, oil and abrasives. Wipe gently until shiny and clean. This should be done after every use.Although John Medeiros Jewelry is long lasting and durable, keeping your unique and handcrafted jewelry as dry as possible will help keep its originality intact. A soft bristled brush can also be used to get into any small crevices. Store all jewelry with care to avoid any damages, preferably in a John Medeiros pouch, free of contact with other items. 

Review the steps here...
  • Soft, Dry cotton cloth to remove dirt and oil after every use
  • Wipe gently until shiny and clean
  • NO polishing cloths or liquids
  • NO perfumes or chlorinated water
  • Remove jewelry before bathing
  • Keep it dry
  • Use a soft bristled brush for small crevices
  • Store John Medeiros pieces in a John Medeiros pouch with no other jewelry. 

Here at John Medeiros Jewelry, every piece is handcrafted and designed to last a lifetime. If well taken care of, your John Medeiros Jewelry can be handed down to your future generations. 

3. Register Your Jewelry

Our Quality Assurance Program ensures that any and every piece that loses its original appearance due to a manufacturer defect will be repaired at our cost. Below is a link to our QA Program where you can register your John Medeiros Jewelry.

Please keep in mind that this excludes any Lost Earrings or natural wear and tear of these products. 

If the 3 steps above are followed and your John Medeiros Jewelry is well cared for it shall last for a lifetime to come.