How To Style Our Diamante Collection

How To Style Our Diamante Collection

Our newest collection, Petite Pave Diamante, has become our most popular! This style of chain link jewelry has been HOT in 2021, and this trend doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon. 

These chain link pieces are super popular for layering, which is also on trend in 2021. These luxurious layered looks create visual interest for even the most casual of outfits. Mixing textures, lengths, and styles gives even that loungewear set you've been rocking, a touch more pizazz. 

We're seeing Gold as the most popular color in 2021, but market trends show that Silver is back on the rise. While one metal usually dominates the market at any given time, other metals never truly go out of style. At John Medeiros Jewelry Collections we've made two-tone jewelry our signature style, so you can easily mix and match pieces in your personal collection. 

Our Diamante Collection offers most pieces in both Rhodium and Gold finishes. Whether you like a monochromatic look or like to play with mixing metals, you have plenty of options to choose from!

We love the look of our Diamante chains layered with it's sister collection, Petite Pave! The fun motifs play perfectly with the simple chain links. Some of the designs are present in both collections so you can mix and match the collections together so seamlessly.

Because our jewelry is handcrafted to last, we used Facebook Live to talk about how we'd style diamante with pieces you may already have in your collection! Click the image below to watch the video!

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