Hello and thank you for all the great questions on Facebook

Hello and happy June, which means summer is officially just 3 weeks way!

Thank you for all the great questions on Facebook. Since you wanted to know:

Joanne Caruso wants to know when we'll start making rings and Laura Owens-Dif wants to know about pins and broaches. 

Joanne, we do offer rings. Due to the need to customize size, we don't offer them online, but if you call our Customer Care associates, they'll help you with your selection.

Laura, we love pins and broaches too, but our handcrafting process and production capacity doesn't allow us to add them to our Collection.

Diane Soares wants to know if we offer factory tours at our headquarters in East Providence, RI.

Diane, because of the safety and security concerns, our insurance policy doesn't allow us to offer tours to the general public. Stay tuned, since you asked, we'll do a Facebook Live tour soon!

Jennie Campbell Pembroke wants to know about bracelets for small wrists. 

Jennie, all of our cuff bracelets, especially the wire cuffs like the Briolette Pavé Small Wire Cuff Bracelet can be molded to fit the smallest wrist.

Our chain bracelets like this gorgeous Antiqua Double Strand Gold Cirlce Bracelet, start as small as 6.5" in diameter.

If you ever have questions about sizing, just call our Customer Care associates and they'll help you pick out the perfect bracelet for your size wrist and style.  

Marge Blunden wants to know if we ship to Canada?

Yes, Marge we do! Our Customer Care associates are available to assist with your purchase and ship it to you in Canada. Unfortunately at this time, we are only able to process online orders within the US.

Our Customer Care associates are always available at 1-800-491-2994 to take your calls during regular business hours (EDT) when you have a question while shopping online. If for some reason they're busy helping others, or it's after business hours, leave a message and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible (within 24 hours).

Keep the questions coming! If you post to our Facebook page, we'll get back to you quickly.

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