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Reflections on the Season

by John Medeiros May 16, 2017

With Mother's Day behind us, we're now in what I call the "Season of Celebrations".  Graduations, Confirmations, Proms... and many other Rights of Passage.

Memories are made during these Times and while gifts aren't expected, when they are received, they become constant reminders of that Moment or Achievement. That's why jewelry is the best gift for marking Milestone occasions. It lasts longer than electronics, luggage or other "things" that are meant to "Send us on our Way" and will serve as a constant reminder of the Day. Long after the Laptop dies, the Bag goes out of style or the Suitcase breaks, every time she wears that necklace or bracelet, she'll remember who gave it to her and how much your support meant and continues to mean to her.

What's YOUR favorite gift to give???

John Medeiros
John Medeiros

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