Welcome to the first edition of my blog

Starting today, I am very excited to bring you behind the scenes of my Collection. 

I came to America when I was 9. For 36 years I've been designing and manufacturing in Rhode Island.   

The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection was founded in 2000. From sketching to finishing, my dedication to quality drives me to be involved in every aspect of production, to ensure that each piece you wear is handcrafted to perfection, to last a lifetime.

Below are some scenes from a recent factory floor tour. Also, click HERE to see my new collection, Ocean Images | Turquoise in Seashell, now available online!

I'll be updating regularly, so I need to know what you want to know about.

In the meantime, www.JohnMedeiros.com is open 24/7 so you can shop whenever you want, wherever you are.

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  • Brenda

    I absolutely LOVE your jewelry! I own 2 bracelets and a pair of earrings are on the way that I just got on ebay. I get compliments on them every time I ware them.
    I worked for a store here in Wilmington,NC that once carried your line. I’m very disappointed that they no longer do, and can’t seem to find a store here that does.
    If you know of one that does, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know. If not, I may just have to take a trip to R.I. one day!
    Keep up the beautiful work!

  • Trisha

    Please make your bracelets bigger for full size woman

  • Susan Maxwell

    You jewelry is beautiful and I have several pieces. I love looking at the collections on line.
    We do have a Jewelry store where I live who sells your collections.
    I like that it is made in the U.S.

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