Jewelry Storage: The Best Storage Ideas for Your Collection

Jewelry Storage: The Best Storage Ideas for Your Collection

For those that have an ever-growing collection of jewelry, it can be a serious challenge to organize everything. For collections of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, it can be an overwhelming task to find jewelry storage units that not only organize but make jewelry easy to access. For those that consider jewelry storage to be an issue, we provide some ingenious and practical ideas for storing your jewelry collection. You’ll have your collection organized, and easily accessible.


Best Types of Products for Jewelry Storage 

We brought in Regina Lark, professional organizer and founder of A Clear Path for a few ideas on how to store jewelry. For more storage tips, follow her FacebookTwitter and Blog.


You can find many really fun and creative jewelry boxes by shopping on Etsy. Search boxes with multiple sizes, drawers and compartments that best fit your. jewelry collection, so you can fit earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.



Standing or Wall Mounted Earring Trees:

Standing or wall-mounted earring trees provide the opportunity to show off your collection. This is another way to make your things visible to ensure you’ll actually use your necklaces, earrings and other jewelry.


Wall Mounted or Standing Jewelry Armoires

Wall-mounted or standing jewelry armoires like these allow the consumer to really see what they have. My recommendation: don’t over-fill! Instead, let the item you purchase for your jewelry be “big enough”.


Jewelry Storage Tips

We asked Amy Trager, certified personal organizer, to weigh in on a few jewelry storage tips. For more storage tips, follow her Facebook, Twitter, and read her blog.


Categorize Jewelry by How You Wear It: 

If you only wear sets of jewelry (necklace, earrings, and bracelet all purchased together), there's no need to separate these into categories like necklaces and bracelets. But, if you tend to put pieces together from your entire collection, whether by type (earrings, rings, etc.) or color (red, green, gold, silver, etc.), then divide pieces into these groupings for storage.

Store Products Based on Shape & Size:

When creating a functional storage system consider the size and volume of each category. Don't try forcing dozens of bangles into small trays designed for delicate necklaces. It's much easier to assess how much space is needed after sorting into categories, as above. Procure storage that will easily fit your collection and allow for easy retrieval of pieces.

Think Outside the Jewelry Box: 

There are a lot of creative ways to reuse household items to display jewelry. For example, use a mug tree to corral bracelets on a dresser top. Use an old sewing spool rack for rings. An old silverware try can help keep necklace chains from tangling in a drawer. Having a good idea of not only how much there is to store, but where you want to store it will help inform what kinds of systems will work best for your space.   

Don't Forget the Walls: 

We often spread out inside a dresser drawer or on a horizontal surface for storage, but we forget to take advantage of all the vertical space available. Consider hanging necklaces on wall hooks or over-the-door racks. Use an old cork board with sturdy push pins to display chains and necklaces. Frame old window screen for an easy place to keep earrings. Creating an area on the wall where jewelry stays not only allows us to see our pieces more readily but creates less bulk and clutter on surfaces.


Personalize Your Jewelry Space

Want to make your jewelry storage space something that's uniquely yours? Personalize it! Here are a few ways to do that:

Personalized Jewelry Boxes are a great way to personalize the way you store and show off jewelry. Get your name or initials engraved in a jewelry box to make it uniquely yours.

Another way to personalize your jewelry space? Add your favorite saying! You can buy a wonderful vinyl wall decal with a saying that means a lot to you.


Final Thoughts

With large collections that feature multiple types of jewelry, organizing a jewelry collection may not be an easy task. We hope you use these tips to better organize your jewelry, make it easily accessible, and show off your ever-growing collection.

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