Diamond's are an April Birthday's Best Friend

Diamond's are an April Birthday's Best Friend

Are you lucky enough to be born in April? If so Diamonds may hold a significant meaning in your life. Diamonds are considered the world's most sought-after gemstone. As the symbol of strength, clarity, and eternal love, diamonds are most popular gift for April birthdays (of course), 60th & 75th wedding anniversaries, marriage and engagements.

Diamonds have been a popular accessory and sign of wealth and status for centuries. They can be found all over the world in 35 different countries and can be a rainbow of colors based on other elements they may contain. While saturated pink and red diamonds are among the most rare and expensive, a colorless, clear diamond will forever be the most valuable. 

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At John Medeiros Jewelry Collections, we use high-quality Cubic Zirconia to create a crystal clear diamond look, without the luxury price tag. 

We have many options with gorgeous pavé that will have your loved ones glittering all day long. Our Petite Pavé collections offers a variety of adorable cuff bracelets and pendant necklaces with different motifs. There is something for everyone in this collection!

New to the John Medeiros Jewelry Collections Line is an extension of our Petite Pavé collection; Petite Pavé Diamante! Our Diamante collection combines the trendy chain link necklaces with some of the fun motifs from the original collection. We also added gorgeous, faceted CZ stud earrings and pendant necklaces for a simpler, yet stunning option.

Our best selling Beijos Collection is always a great option. This line comes with high quality Cubic Zirconia set in both bezel and prong settings, circle and pear shapes. Our Beijos collection is classic and won't go out of style. 

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