How to Ace your Holiday Outfit: Quarentine or Not

How to Ace your Holiday Outfit: Quarentine or Not

Although the Fashion world seems to be changing, there are true fashion staples that come back for each new generation to enjoy and make their own. With jewelry, the same rules apply. Fashion and jewelry go hand in hand with each other. They complement one another. Whether it's jeans and white T with chunky earrings or a bright-colored pants suit and hoops, the jewelry you decide to accessories with can either make your fashion statement or break it. From ties to earrings, we have all thought to ourselves, "this one…. or this one?". What are the rules of Fashion and Jewelry matchmaking? And do these tips make a difference in your fashion confidence? The answer is YES, and it can be simple little changes that create the most significant differences. 

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you complete any of your looks for Winter 2020. 


1.Make sure the jewelry matches the occasion

Where are you going? What event will you be attending? Are you going to work and typing on a computer all day, or are you a waitress? Are you a guest at a wedding or going to church? Are you a bartender at a nightclub or a bar back? No matter where you go, or what path you choose, your fashion and jewelry will speak for you. What will you let your fashion jewelry say about you? Hopefully, what you choose to wear to each of these life events would differ from one another, and the jewelry would do the same. The big hoop earrings you wear to a nightclub are giving off a different vibe than the diamond studs you wear to church.

If you are typing at your desk all day or waiting for customers, you aren't going to want a bangle or hanging bracelets. Although a cute accessory, you must think of the movements your arms, wrists, and hands will be making for this type of occasion. Our jewelry, all quality design, you still do not want to risk damaging your new beautiful John Medeiros Cuff bracelet by wearing it and banging against the desk all day or getting customer's leftover food piled into the crevices. John Medeiros Jewelry is long-lasting and very durable. Just like all jewelry we love, we want to treat it with care. Learning what to wear and when to wear it will help keep your jewelry in pristine condition and help your days go smoother. 

2. Busy patterns and simple jewelry go hand-in-hand 

Loud and elaborate jewelry, just like simple and sleek jewelry, is a fashion statement. You want others to be able to see your language through your fashion. If you are wearing a boldly colored print, matching it with a classic hoop or simple stud-like earring would work well. Adding a solid watch or bracelet is the perfect step up for this type of outfit. Your clothing is busy, so you do not want your jewelry to be just as busy. Simple jewelry with a busy fashion is best. Otherwise, people won't have an idea of where to look or what your outfit is saying. 

   3. Statement Earrings and making your face the star of the show

Are you attending a wedding or a first date? The perfect dress is important, not too short but not too long. Stylish but not too flashy. You want to grab the attention of the ones for you but not take on the whole show. This is where Statement Earrings become your best friend. What is Statement Earring? Well, it's an earring that grabs attention. By being uniquely designed, bold, and innovative with material combinations, these earrings invite others' attention and gravitate their eyes to your face.


 4. Jewelry that Compliments Skin Tone                

The world comprises uniquely beautiful humans, which vary in shape, size, color, height, and more. No matter your skin color, the tone in which it creates through light determines which color / toned jewelry will bring out the best in you. 

How does one determine their skin tone? Skin tone goes by a few different qualities one's skin possesses. All beautiful and uniquely different. To determine your skin tone, you can look at your veins; are they blue or more of green color? If they are blue and do not tan efficiently and burns often, your skin tone is most likely a cool-toned color. Cool-toned skin tones go well with Silver and White Gold metals. This is because they both share a more gray\blue base color. Red, Blue, and Purple Gemstones are very flattering on Cooler toned skin colors. 

Whether you are a lighter skin color or a more in-depth skin color, both are considered Warm Skin Tones usually have greener veins, tans quickly, and either rarely or nearly never burns. These Warm Skin Tones are even more beautiful when accompanied by Gold, Yellow, or Copper metals. Orange, Yellow, Green Gemstones are very flattering on Warm Skin Tones.


  5. Diamonds stand on their own and are every skin tone’s best friend.

 “Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend”, a saying as old as time. But why is Diamond a Girl’s bff? Diamonds go with everything, clear or close to clear diamonds make a beautiful accessory no matter the skin color or tone, no matter the outfit or style, from a wedding dress to your first day of your dream career. Diamond accessories are the perfect way to keep you shining.