Charm Bracelets for Women

Charm Bracelets for Women:

Elegant Mementos by John Medeiros

We all want to have something as a reminder of a special person or event; that’s where charm bracelets come in. They let you remember the best things that happened in your life. John Medeiros has the same passion for his creations – for every woman to reminisce good people and moments with style.


Bracelets with Charms

for Stylish Women

John Medeiros created these beautiful charm bracelets to ensure a lifetime of style. These creations took a lot of effort and time to be realized considering they are handcrafted. The best thing about these elegant pieces of jewelry is that they are affordable, regardless of the high-quality materials that are used such as:

  • Stones are either made of Swarovski Crystals or Cubic Zirconium. Meaning they will not chip, crack, cloud, or fade.
  • Rhodium and 14Kt gold plating which has a permanent non-tarnish, easy to care for finish.
  • Non-precious lead-free premium alloys with .05% of silver which are durable and lightweight.

Popular Charm Bracelets:

Authentic Designs by John Medeiros

Each piece has intricate hand carved details on the front, sides, and back. These are Renaissance art inspired bracelets. Even though the designs got inspired by an old period in European history; the themes will never go out of style. Every year, there will always be a new fashion trend especially by and for women. Clothes will change, but accessories won’t. That’s the best thing about owning high quality, designer jewelry. Charm bracelets by John Medeiros are perfect for every woman out there who wants to have graceful and small reminders of their special events and people. You don’t even need to worry about finding replicas of our jewelry since these designs are original, registered and copyrighted.

Designer Charm Bracelets

are for Everyone and Everything

Charm bracelets are a self-expressive piece and are ideal for little girls at heart. These charm bracelets will never go out of style and can be worn in different kinds of occasions and even every day.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to avoid regrets in buying charm bracelets:

  • If you’re saving money, make sure to think carefully about what charm/charm bracelet you’re purchasing. It’s always good to visualize before actually getting an item especially from online.
  • Always check if the brand of your bracelet has a warranty. In John Medeiros, we have a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. In that way, you’ll not be scammed. Some things found online aren’t the same in person.
  • When buying a charm bracelet, you still have the ability to add more charms. Individual charms are also available at John Medeiros. There’s always enough room for one more charm.
  • If you’re buying a charm bracelet for fashion – make sure to buy the piece that will match and compliment your outfit.
  • Lastly, if you’re buying a charm bracelet for remembering a special occasion/person – do buy the most certain charm you can find. Never be tired to explore the best charm for you.

After all, it’s about the contentment for you. John Medeiros has over 17 collections to choose from – there is a perfect charm to symbolize cherished memories.

Your perfect handcrafted charm bracelet is waiting for you at John Medeiros Jewelry Collections. Check out our timeless selection and find yourself the best jewelry you’ll have on your wrist. Purchase online today!