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Bracelet Extender

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Bracelet Extender

: For a Better Fit by John Medeiros Jewelry

John Medeiros believes that jewelry must always be a combination of comfort and design. That is why we provide ways to make sure that our designer bracelets provide a proper fit to women of all shapes and sizes. Our extenders are a good way to achieve the perfect bracelet size from our expansive collection of unique handmade jewelry.

Charm Bracelet Extender

is Your Key to Comfort

Charm bracelets can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. If there is any substantial component that is crucial regardless of style, it is the comfort. A John Medeiros bracelet is wearable in several types of fit:

  • Snug fit - measures 1/4" to 1/2" longer than your wrist circumference
  • Comfort fit - measures 3/4" to 1" longer than your wrist circumference
  • Loose fit - measures 1 and 1/4" longer than your wrist circumference

If you are looking to wear your John Medeiros bracelet between comfort and loose fits, a charm bracelet extender should make this happen if you find the fit of the standard bracelet size too tight.


Bracelet Extender Chain

for Our Original Designs

To make sure that our bracelet extenders perfectly match with our unique and handcrafted pieces, we offer several designs for our jewelry collection. Both our creations and each extender have the same materials such as:

  • Non-precious lead-free premium alloy with .05% of silver which are durable and lightweight.
  • Rhodium and 14Kt gold plating which has a permanent non-tarnish, easy to care for finish.

Rhodium is a derivative of platinum that has all the attributes of platinum with the added benefit of being firmer, lasting longer, and a whiter tone. The excellent craftsmanship involved in creating elegant jewelry takes skillfulness – this is in John Medeiros' collection.

We at John Medeiros always have comfort in mind - browse over 17 collections to see if your bracelet comes with an extender for convenience or looser fit.

The Handcrafted Elegant

Designer Bracelet Extenders

by John Medeiros

Perfection is doing quality consistently, and we believe that this should go; not only for our unique and authentic designs but also for accessories that ensure satisfaction. The best way to wear a John Medeiros bracelet is to wear it with comfort - we are committed to the functional style of each and every Renaissance-inspired piece.

Some of our designer jewelry comes with custom extenders such as the:

  • Nouveau Collection bracelet extender
  • Oval Link Collection necklace extender
  • Double Strand Collection necklace extender

There is a perfect John Medeiros piece handcrafted just for you. Browse our original collections and buy a stylish piece that you can proudly wear for your next event or even every day. We've got your comfort covered with our selection of bracelet and other jewelry extenders. Shop online today!

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