Station Bracelet

    John Medeiros Jewelry has a large selection of station bracelets. Our station bracelets come in fun and serious styles, in both gold and silver. Browse our  station bracelets for sale.

    3 and 5 Station Bracelets

    - Feminine and Timeless: The Mark of John Medeiros

    There are many exquisite jewelry collections for you to choose from. Every one of them was created by John Medeiros with ingenuity and craftsmanship that are at par with the world's biggest jewelry producers.

    Renaissance - Inspired

    Designer Station Bracelet

    A beautiful piece of jewelry requires skills and patience to be produced. However, the John Medeiros Jewelry Collection stands out because of its vintage touch. The great Renaissance Age has deeply influenced the famous jewelry designer. Every piece of adorning fashion that he creates breathes color, character, and vibrancy. Every piece captures the essence of life, the very spirit of the woman who wears them.


    Station Design Bracelet

    : Handcrafted in Rhode Island

    True enough, John Medeiros jewelry designs are all-original, registered, and copyrighted. What's more, they are quality jewelry which almost everyone can afford. John Medeiros has been working as a jewelry designer for more than 3 decades. Having mastered the craft, he founded his own business in East Providence, Rhode Island. John Medeiros employs the best engineering techniques in the manufacture of his jewelry collections. But intricate details on the precious jewelry are still crafted by hand, a tradition in which John Medeiros deeply believes.

    Our jewelry stones are made of lustrous Swarovski Crystals or Cubic Zirconia. All of the metal materials are very strong, such as the lead-free premium alloy with .05% silver that we use. Our jewelry business is also renowned for utilizing both rhodium and gold, elements that give the John Medeiros creations an untarnished, perfect finish.

    One of our most exquisite designer station bracelets comes from the John Medeiros' Antiqua Collection: the Antiqua Three Station Crystal Circle Bracelet. This station bracelet looks very feminine, yet sturdy in character. A perfect piece that's guaranteed to last a lifetime.

    And, yes, there are more enchanting pieces from our famous collections:

    • Heart Collection -- a beautiful set of jewelry that reflects modern romanticism
    • Sparkling Seas -- ornaments which mirror the indigo color of the ocean and the joy of glittering waves
    • Timeless -- you will definitely fall in love with the Rose Gold Double Strand Bracelet along with the other exquisite pieces belonging to this special collection
    • Simplicity -- another magnificent collection of jewelry that will capture your heart

    Charms Station Bracelet

    - Personal Style in a Keepsake

    You can add more life, beauty, and a personal touch to your favorite bracelet. The John Medeiros Jewelry collection has an exciting array of charms to accentuate your fashion accessories. Like all of the other all-original pieces, these charms have been designed and crafted with the greatest skill and keen attention to details.

    Here are some tips on how to use station bracelets as part of your personal style:

    • The color of your outfit and bracelet doesn't need to match, in fact it's best for your bracelet to be of complementary color to your dress.
    • As a rule, the sleeves of your outfit must be short or at least up to three-quarters in length so that your designer bracelet can really create an impression.
    • You can also match the color of your bracelet with your nail polish to come up with a subtle color coordination.

    Come and browse our all-original John Medeiros station bracelet collections and accentuate your feminine charm by ordering online today! Choose from our Pave, Filigree, Antiqua, and O-Link designs.