Celebration Interchangeable Stone Collection - Reversible Heart Slider

Celebration Interchangeable Stone Collection -Reversible Heart Slider by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections.
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Heart Slider Charm

: Love's Personal Touch

This gorgeous heart-shaped charm is made of high quality Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, and lustrous gold. Its handcrafted design is made with passion by the master jeweler himself, John Medeiros. This reversible charm has a unique feature of interchangeable stone; it can hold one birthstone at a time depending on which gem you would like to place. There are twelve colors that you can choose from, each representing a person's month of birth. This slider makes a thoughtful gift to your loved ones that could be customized according to their birth month for a personal touch. A much-loved addition to your collection, this is a perfect go-to charm for everyday.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Buy a handcrafted John Medeiros Heart Slider Charm today to complement your personal style.

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