Necklaces Cross

    Luxurious and Elegant

    Cross Necklace for Women

    by John Medeiros Jewelry Collection

    John Medeiros is a name celebrated in the jewelry business. His designs have made an impact because of their unique handcrafted quality.

    Cross Pendant Necklace

    : Symbol of Devotion and Fashion

    The cross pendant necklace or also known as the “crucifix necklace” derived its inspiration back from early Christianity. The pendant with its cruciform shape is considered as paramount because of its religious significance. It has become more popular and symbolic because it represents the crucifixion of Jesus. The cross is also believed to have four lines that could either be represented as love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness or hope, love, faith, and eternity.

    This charm signifies a person’s religious affiliation or spiritual devotion. It could also be worn to symbolize protection; there have been people who believe that wearing it could ward them off from evil. In today’s time, we see a lot of people who simply consider wearing it for fashion purposes.

    A Delicate Crafted Piece:

    Designer Cross Necklace

    by John Medeiros

    The cross necklace is an icon in the jewelry industry. It is a well-known charm that ranges from the simplest design to the most detailed. The materials also vary, ranging from silver to gold to diamond and a lot of other gems, depending on the style and preference of the consumer.

    Exquisitely Beautiful John Medeiros

    Designer Cross Necklace

    In the John Medeiros Jewelry Collection, the cross pendant necklaces stand out because of their careful and intricate designs. The CZ stones we use are of the highest quality and with choices from garnet to emerald to indigo to black for a more sophisticated touch.

    Our beautiful collection of cross pendants could be worn in several types of occasions. Our cross CZ necklace could be given as a gift on important moments like a child’s christening or first communion. Our beautiful collection of cross pendants in pavé setting could be an every day accessory to complete a stunning look.

    Over 30 years of handcrafting stylish and elegant designer jewelry! Get yourself a handcrafted John Medeiros Cross Pendant Necklace and own a piece of tradition and elegance.