Ring Necklace

    John Medeiros Ring Necklaces

    : Designed to Perfection

    John Medeiros Jewelry creates accessories that complement every woman's style. Made in America—handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island—our exquisite ring necklaces incorporate superior craftsmanship to create effortless elegance.

    O-Ring Necklace

    : Rhodium Finished and Gold Plated

    John Medeiros has become one of America's leading jewelers because of its high-quality, designer pieces. With over 30 years experience crafting stylish, elegant jewelry, John Medeiros has perfected the art of designing and creating wonderful pieces with a timeless beauty.

    We're committed to bringing luxury to every woman's jewelry collection. Our dedicated team of artisans delicately renders completely original designs—designs that are registered and copyrighted.

    Our ring necklaces are finished with Rhodium—an alloy of platinum and gold—and are:

    • Durable—they'll last for a lifetime
    • Non-tarnishing and low maintenance
    • Classic and timeless—inspired by Renaissance
    • Brilliant and shiny
    • Have sophisticated clasp and closure engineering

    Ring Necklace for Women

    No matter the occasion—even on a normal weekday—you can trust John Medeiros jewelry to provide the perfect accessory for any outfit. All of our designs are handcrafted with the same engineering used in the most renowned jewellery shops in the world.

    Our ring necklaces are embellished with Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, and other precious stones to give them the flash that will make you stand out from the crowd. Each stone has been manually prong set so you can wear it with confidence. John Medeiros ring necklaces are available with Rhodium finished chains or black leather necklaces.

    Some favorites:

    • Spring Ring Necklace
    • Antiqua 5-Station Circle Necklace
    • Filigree Ring Necklace
    • Gold-Circle Double-Strand Necklace

    Ring Chain Necklace

    : Perfect Gift for All Occasions

    If you'd like something elegant and formal, get a John Medeiros Filigree Ring Necklace and match it with a long gown; if you want jewelry you can wear every day, try our Spring Ring black leather necklace. Each piece is available at an affordable price and comes with lifetime warranty so you can enjoy our timeless jewelry forever.

    Browse our unique, exquisite collection of ring necklaces that feature a Rhodium finish embellished with Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia. Buy a gift for a special person or get yourself one now!