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Belcher Chain Necklace

- Express Your Passion and Individuality by John Medeiros Jewelry Collection

Jewelry helps define a woman. They mirror her tastes, spirit, and individuality. John Medeiros draws his inspiration for his jewelry designs from the modern and empowered woman. Fun, glamorous, hard-working, and exuberant. In many ways, his inspiration and creations are similar. Original, distinct and tenderly sculpted by time.

Original and Authentic

Belcher Necklace

for Modern Women

The beauty about women is resilience. Their enduring quality. And the ability to take the challenges in life with grace and a smile.

The John Medeiros Fine belcher chain is a mirror of these feminine characteristics. It's crafted with great skills and patience so it shines and endures like the modern woman.

The chain looks delicate. But you can actually use this belcher chain to create attractive variations to your sliders. The distinct design of its links can make your accessory look more chic.

It's also very durable. Every jewelry we craft is made from materials that are known for their strength and quality.

Moreover, you can also use this fine belcher chain for necklace layering. Whether you want to do it with different charms or none at all. Necklace layering is very popular both for open collar and closed-collar looks.

To achieve a minimalist look, all you need to do is layer these belcher chains according to their respective lengths. These chains are available in 16", 18" and 20". Just the right sizes!

Or you can personalize your belcher collection by choosing a different pendant for each piece.

Try wearing them with our Seaside Charms! For a more classic look, wear your belcher chain with charms from our Nouveau Collection, You'll definitely love the colorful gemstones for this delicate necklace!

You may also select any of our Little Inspiration charms, such as Hope, Faith, and Star. These will look perfect together.

John Medeiros

Designer Belcher Chain Necklace

: Handcrafted with Passion

Belcher chain originated in England in 18th century.

It's distinct from an ordinary link chain since this trace chain is made from a D-section wire. Belcher links are also broad and have equal lengths.

It is believed that it was Jim Belcher who inspired the creation of the belcher chain. He was a renowned boxer who had popularized the belcher scarf, also known as neckerchief.

Jim Belcher had been noted to wear his scarf or handkerchief around his neck fashionably. This scarf or neckerchief was secured by a large ring that was later called belcher ring.

The concept of the belcher ring was then also used in watches and jewelry several years afterwards. Known as a guard chain, the rings were connected into a chain from which a watch or another object was suspended. This became part of British high fashion.

Today, belcher chains remain very popular in the United Kingdom. But other jewellers in Europe and the United States have also been manufacturing this type of chain. With this fine Belcher Chain by John Medeiros, you can go chic, casual, or edgy.

Luxury Belcher Chain Necklace

: Make Your Statement in Today's World

Choosing the right belcher necklace is one of the powerful ways to make a statement.

Here are some helpful tips for your next jewelry purchase:

  • Determine the length you need for a necklace. This way, you will not make the mistake of buying something that's too short or too long. You may also consider buying different lengths of belcher chains since you can attractively wear them in layers.
  • Consider the weight you want. Some people like lightweight jewelry since they are easy and convenient. Others peffer heavy necklace. But, in buying a belcher chain, don't forget to consider the weight of the charm you may use with it.
  • In caring for your belcher chain, avoid exposing it to water or moisture. Keep it in its own bag. This way, you can prevent early tarnishing and prolong its shine.

Check out our timeless collection and get yourself a stylish belcher chain necklace!

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