The Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2021

The Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2021

We're almost half-way through February and there's three trends for 2021 that have reigned supreme and don't seem to be slowing down. Pearls, Thick Chains, and Layering are just some of the jewelry trends that will be blooming for Spring. 

Pearls are always classic and this trend started picking up steam in 2020. But with everything shutting down and the majority of Weddings being postponed until this year, Pearls will re-emerge as the top trend for 2021. We also have to nod to the hit Netflix series Bridgerton for any and all trends that are inspired by luxury and elegance.

In contrast to Pearls are the Chunky Chains we've been seeing on every neckline. It seems as though the longer this trend runs the thicker these chains get. We're currently seeing fashion trends make a nod to the 90s and early 2000s, so thick chains and chains with pendants that are reminiscent of the iconic Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace (you know the one) are sure to return. If you subscribe to our emails you'll get the first peek at new jewelry that may be in this style.


Do you want to incorporate both of these trends into your daily wardrobe? Well, you're in luck because layering necklaces is the way to go. Contrasting chains with dainty pendants seems to be the popular choice. Long necklaces are starting to reappear after chokers took hold of the late 2010s, so playing with necklace lengths will also be an easy and popular option.

At John Medeiros Jewelry we know how important it is to stay on trend. Fast fashion usually gives you cheap quality that won't last after a few wears. Our jewelry lasts a lifetime, so after trends fade and reappear, you'll still have your John Medeiros Jewelry from the first time it was popular. If you are subscribed to our emails or follow us on socials you'll be the first to see all new jewelry we're launching for Spring 2021. You really don't want to miss this.