Fish Hook Earrings

    Fish Hook Earrings

    : Dramatic Designs by John Medeiros

    Fish Hook earrings are dramatic accessories because they add a very feminine touch, not to mention the comfort it provides. The John Medeiros collection offers various pieces that are sure to mesmerize you with design inspirations from the Renaissance Age.


    Fishhook Earrings

    for the Modern Woman

    Hand-crafted and intricately-designed. These are among the special qualities of the jewelry that John Medeiros has been producing for many years. Everything starts with him making sketches of the jewelry pieces he wants to share with women at reasonable prices. Our wide collection offers style and durability.

    • All jewelry is made with Lead-free premium alloy containing .05% of silver - no risk of toxicity and will not stain the skin with green pigment typical of metals that contain lead.
    • Rhodium and 14-karat gold plating giving the jewelry a perfect and permanent finish.
    • Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconium for extraordinary radiance and strength
    • Surgical steel(for earring posts) to ward off infection and avoid allergies.

    Designer Fish Hook Earrings

    Don't Have to Break the Bank

    Investing in an expensive piece of designer jewelry is a good idea. But it may not always be practical, especially if you have an extensive wardrobe. Unless you want to stick to classic designs, your personal style might be limited when it comes to making the most of fashion accessories.

    We, at John Medeiros Jewelry Collections, realize that personal style must always be limitless. This is why we've come up with over 17 original collections -- all of which are handcrafted, using the same techniques and technologies that you will find in the biggest jewelry shops in the world. We take pride in making designer fish hook earrings that are stylish, durable, and affordable.

    For Comfortable

    Fashion Earrings, Fish Hook

    types are the best

    The John Medeiros fish hook earring collection offers playful and intricate designs without sacrificing comfort. Women enjoy the lightweight and loose fit of each handcrafted piece that's been appropriately sized. Our barely-there pieces come in plain, two-tone, and Cubic Zirconia-encrusted designs.