Hook Earrings

    Hook Earrings

    : The Finest Studs by John Medeiros

    The easiest and most elegant way to elevate an attire is by wearing a pair of earrings that complements your look. Hook earrings are the earrings of choice for most women, as they can be worn and removed without any trouble. For exquisite earrings suitable for any occasion, choose a pair from the John Medeiros Jewelry Collection.

    Beautiful Accents for Your

    Ear: Hook Earrings

    Elegant jewelry does not have to come at a high price. Beauty and style are priceless. Women should have the chance to express their personality through accessories--this is what we believe here at John Medeiros.

    John Medeiros built his brand on the idea of accessible and elegant jewelry. Our jewelry collection is comprised of beautiful pieces made from high-quality materials. Our jewelry uses a premium lead-free alloy as the base and then made more beautiful with stones and gems. Every piece is sold at a reasonable price, from necklaces, bracelets to earrings and charms.

    The work of Renaissance artists inspired John Medeiros to create beautiful jewelry for women of all ages. The signature look of our jewelry can be described as ornate with handcrafted designs executed to perfection.

    John Medeiros hook earrings are handcrafted in an exclusive workshop in East Providence, Rhode Island, where artisans are trained and supervised by John Medeiros himself. We sculpt our jewelry with the same engineering techniques used in top jewelry stores around the world--making John Medeiros at par with other brands.

    Earring Hook Types

    Available in the John Medeiros Collection

    Hook earrings come in a variety of designs and styles. The John Medeiros earrings collection feature different types of hooks:

    • Posts
    • Fish Hook
    • Lever (Omega) Backed
    • Kidney
    • Hoop

    The hooks we use for our earrings are made with surgical steel--the ideal material for sensitive ears. Reactions to other types of metals can cause irritation and bleeding.

    John Medeiros jewelry is crafted to last long and withstand frequent use and exposure to elements. Every piece we produce has:

    • Made from a premium lead-free alloy
    • Prong set Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconium stones
    • Non-tarnish Rhodium finish
    • The John Medeiros trademark logo
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

    Every pair of earring by John Medeiros is of the highest quality. It has a unique design that has been copyrighted and registered under the John Medeiros name. If you want to own a pair that nobody else has, John Medeiros is the jewelry provider you want.

    Hook on Earrings

    : Jewelry Essentials for Women

    The story of the John Medeiros brand began when its owner and founder learned how to polish metal and set stones in jewelry. Three decades later, John Medeiros has his own jewelry line showcasing his artistry and skills. Our jewelry brand has numerous retail outlets nationwide, serving women who want elegant yet accessible jewelry.

    The John Medeiros jewelry boasts of the finest looking jewelry at a reasonable price. We accept online orders and ship items in 2-3 days. All items are delivered in a lovely gift box.

    Look for the perfect pair of earrings on the John Medeiros jewelry collection. Order online today.

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