Necklaces Sand Dollar

    Sand Dollar Necklace

    : Symbol of Peace by John Medeiros

    Sand dollars evoke whimsy and ocean side smiles as well as deeper religious symbolisms. These sand dollar necklaces are the perfect choice for women who want to subtly express their spiritual side.

    Sand Dollar Charm Necklace

    is one of John Medeiros’ best works

    Mr. Medeiros built his brand on the idea of affordable, elegant, and meaningful jewelry. Our jewelry collections are made out of beautiful pieces made from high-quality materials. We use a premium lead-free alloy as the base and then enhanced with gems and stones. Every piece is sold at a reasonable price including bracelets, charms, earrings, and necklaces.

    John Medeiros hook earrings are handcrafted in a workshop in East Providence, Rhode Island, where artisans are supervised and trained by John Medeiros. They sculpt the jewelry with the same engineering techniques used in top jewelry stores around the world – making John Medeiros better than the other brands.

    Sand Dollar Pendant Necklace

    : A Meaningful Jewelry

    Before buying something, you should know the hidden message behind it.

    Here are some meanings of the Sand Dollar symbol:

    • One side of the sand dollar is what looks like an Easter lily with a star in the center which serves as a reminder of the birth of Christ.
    • The five slits in sand dollars are said to represent Christ's wounds during his time on the cross.
    • The star of Bethlehem is the star that the shepherds followed to see the baby Jesus, according to the biblical tale.
    • On the opposite side of the sand dollar is an outline of a poinsettia, or Easter lily, a flower that represents the Christmas season.

    Sand dollars are also symbols of peace. Legend has it that there are five doves inside the shells that are free to bring goodwill to the world when the sand dollar is broken.

    John Medeiros jewelry is crafted to last long even with frequent use and exposure to elements. Every piece we produce has premium lead-free alloy, Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconium stones, non-tarnish Rhodium finish, lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and of course, the John Medeiros trademark logo.

    Designer Sand Dollar Necklace

    is Accessible and Affordable

    Our jewelry brand has numerous independent retail outlets nationwide; serving women who want elegant, accessible, yet meaningful jewelry. Here’s some of our unique sand dollar jewelry that can be purchased online or in our retail stores:

    Every necklace by John Medeiros is of their best and highest quality. Everything you’ll see from us has a unique design that has been copyrighted and registered under John Medeiros’ name. So if you want to own a pair that will have no cheap replicas, John Medeiros is the right jewelry provider for you.

    We accept online orders and ship items in 2-3 days. All items are delivered in a lovely gift box. Look for the perfect pair of earrings on the John Medeiros jewelry collection. Order now!