Single Strand Necklace

    John Medeiros Jewelry has a wide range of single strand, dainty necklaces. Our single strand necklaces come in any style: long or short, beaded or chain-link, gold or silver. Browse our single strand necklaces for sale.

    Single-Strand Necklace

    : Simplicity and Luxury Bound by John Medeiros

    For over 30 years, John Madeiros has mastered the art of crafting classic, fine, and elegant jewelry. Using only high-quality materials and durable stones, John Medeiros Jewelry has been one of the most illustrious collections in America.

    Designer Single Strand Necklace

    : A Timeless Treasure to Cherish

    Every John Medeiros piece of jewelry has been carefully designed by the master craftsman John Medeiros himself. The weight, size, and makeup are carefully considered to ensure its resilience and quality, making each a timeless treasure one can cherish for a lifetime.

    Handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island, our single-strand necklaces exhibit uniqueness and creativity only our dedicated team of jewelry artisans can render. We use Rhodium, a derivative of platinum and gold, which provides our necklaces:

    • Durability and long life
    • A non-tarnish, low maintenance finish
    • Dazzling shine and brilliance
    • Classic, vintage features

    Stylish Single Strand Necklace for Women

    We want our single-strand necklaces to enhance the unique beauty of every woman. John Medeiros exclusive selection of necklaces is simple, yet exotic. All our stylish designs are original—registered and copyrighted—so you can't find them anywhere else. Inspired by works of art from the Renaissance, our single strand necklaces' classic, vintage features lend them a certain timelessness.

    Some of the favorites:

    • Timeless Single Strand Necklace
    • Rose Gold Single Strand Necklace
    • Nouveau CZ Single Strand Necklace

    Luxury Designer Single Strand Necklace

    : Perfect for All Styles

    Our single strand necklaces feature simple, stylish chains adorned by precious stones. Every piece will complement your unique style. And you can get any of our timeless treasures at an affordable price.

    In addition to our exquisite jewelry, John Medeiros offers quality customer service as well. Each piece comes with lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

    Treat your precious self with a John Medeiros Jewelry Collections stone-embellished single-strand necklace. Check out our timeless collection and buy one today.