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Ocean Images Seaside Collection Dolphin Slider with Chain


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Dolphin Necklaces

Made in the USA

John Medeiros only manufactures jewelry in America, handcrafting each piece right here in East Providence, RI.

Dolphin Necklaces

Among the high-quality accessories manufactured by John Medeiros are the dolphin pendants and necklaces. A lot of people love these pieces because they transcend age and gender. Kids love dolphins because they are fun, women like them because they are cute, and men enjoy that they are pesky. People love them because dolphins make them feel young.

If you've ever watched an ocean adventure show of sorts, you know that dolphins are extremely smart. This just adds to the meaningfulness of a dolphin pendant or necklace. Having such an accessory fosters positivity. Wearing such jewel will attract powerful qualities in a person. John Medeiros has an Ocean Images Seaside Collection that features a Dolphin Slider with Chain. The chain is adjustable to go between 16 and 18.5 inches.


Lead-free premium alloy with .005% of silver, which is strong and durable.


Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, is a permanent, non tarnishing finish that is hard, bright and durable and compliments well with 14kt Gold. Contains .02% nickel.  


The stones in our pieces are either Austrian Crystal or hand-cut Cubic Zirconium. Our Pearls are either glass or seashell.  


Most earring posts are surgical steel, which are ideal for sensitive ears prone to infection or allergies. (French Wire Clip Earrings are plated and contain nickel)

Taking Care of Your Jewelry:

  • Gently wipe with a dry, soft cloth.
  • A soft brush can be used to clean crevices.
  • Store all jewelry with care to avoid damage.
  • Never use chemicals, creams, perfumes, abrasives, or polishing cloths as this will deteriorate the product.
Size chart


All of our cuff bracelets are made with memory wire which allows its wearer to adjust its size and not jeopardize the integrity of the bracelet.

Cuff bracelets labeled "Large" "Medium" "Small" or "Petite" refer to the thickness of the twisted wire used to make the cuff. Bracelets that are "Small" or "Petite" offer an easier bend than bracelets labeled "Large" but all bracelets can be adjusted.

Bracelets without size listed are the standard size of 7" unless otherwise noted.

Some bracelets can be extended with a special extender that can be provided by our Customer Care team. Please contact Customer Care at +1 (800) 491-2944


We offer a variety of Necklaces in many styles, lengths, and thicknesses. Necklaces not noted to be a different length can be assumed to be a standard length of 16". All of our pendant necklaces are on an adjustable 16"-18" chain unless otherwise noted.

Some necklaces can be extended with a special extender that can be provided by our Customer Care team. Please contact Customer Care at +1 (800) 491-2944 

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