Dangle Earrings

Dangling Earrings

- Experience Distinct Elegance by John Medeiros Jewelry

Just as the world longs for the legendary fountain of youth, women have been dreaming --and doing everything -- to enhance their beauty and to make it last. This is the same objective that John Medeiros has in crafting his renowned jewelry collection inspired by the Renaissance. To give women all over the world more happiness by creating jewelry pieces that are timeless, affordable, and distinctly beautiful.

Dangle Earrings

: Designed with Passion, Crafted to Perfection

There is something special about stunning dangling earrings that sends thrills to a woman’s soul. The feeling of an exquisite ornament touching the shoulders and swaying gracefully as she moves and mixes with the crowd. Something that evokes confidence and the right dose of sensuality. She feels in her element, and relishing every moment.

Though, of course, the feeling is much more heightened when you know that you are wearing dangling earrings from the John Medeiros Jewelry Collection. You know that you are wearing a piece that symbolizes great craftsmanship and exceptional beauty. John Medeiros dangling earrings are durable and lightweight. They are made of premium alloy with no lead content which makes them safe. The jewelry stones are also radiant and stunning, made of Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconium.

From Chic to Sophisticated:

Dangling Earrings Are Your Best Accessory

Just as a woman’s heart is the secret to true, everlasting beauty, the success of the John Medeiros jewelry business is because of his commitment to quality without sacrificing beauty - a deep understanding of function and aesthetics.

Dangle earrings vary in length and shape. There is a perfect set of earrings for every woman depending on the shape of her face and the occasion.

  • Long dangle earrings suit a round-shaped face
  • Teardrop-shaped earrings complement a heart-shaped face
  • Round or oval dangle earrings work for square-shaped face
  • All shapes of earrings accentuate an oval-shaped face

When it comes to knowing which set of dangling earrings is appropriate, you can go for bigger and more elaborate designs when attending formal occasions like balls and soirees. On the other hand, it is best to wear smaller and simpler earrings in the workplace or in job interviews.

Unique Dangle Earrings:

Inspired by the Beauty and Power of Nature

John Medeiros has many renowned collections which draw design inspiration from the wonders of the ocean, from the infinity of time, from the intensity of emotions, and from the empowered modern woman. These are some of our exclusive and all-original dangle earring collections:

  • Aqua Viva Collection
  • Heart Collection
  • Horseshoe Collection
  • Lattice Collection
  • Nouveau French Collection
  • Seaside Collection
  • Simplicity Collection
  • Timeless Collection

Each set of John Medeiros dangle earring is handcrafted in Rhode Island. Our designs are all-original and copyrighted and our craftsmen use only the finest and most durable metals and stones. You can choose from a wide array of simple to elaborate designs that you can wear from day to night. From subtle to statement designs, we have a set of dangle earrings to complement the exciting and busy lifestyle of the modern woman.