Double Strand Bracelet

Double Strand Bracelet

: Twice the Elegance by John Medeiros

John Medeiros is inspired to make beautiful jewelry for everyone. Our exclusive jewelry collection consists of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, charms, and even extenders. If you want to look fancy but don't have a fortune to spend on jewelry, then you came to right place.


Two Strand Bracelet

is One Gorgeous Piece
All of us want to spend our money on the best yet affordable items. Jewelry might not be on the list because everything just seems to be expensive; but not here in John Medeiros. The founder of this brand has created the best combinations to make high-quality pieces with economical prices.
  • The base material is a non-precious lead-free premium alloy with .05% of silver which are durable and lightweight.
  • Stones that are in our products may be Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconium. Man-made Cubic Zirconium, which will not cloud, chip, fade or crack. Cubic Zirconium is virtually indistinguishable to the eye by diamond experts, can scratch glass like natural diamonds, and is stronger than a sapphire.
  • The overlay, finish, and electronic plate are Rhodium and 14Kt gold which has a permanent non-tarnish, easy to care for finish. Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, has all the attributes of platinum with the added benefit of being harder, lasting longer, and a whiter tone.
  • And our earring posts are made of surgical steel which is ideal for sensitive ears prone to infection or allergies.

With all these materials, John Medeiros has created the best handcrafted durable accessories a woman can proudly wear.

Look Fashionable with a

Double Strand Designer Bracelet

Each piece you can find in our many collections has unique designs. That's because they were thoroughly planned, engineered, registered, and copyrighted. No need to worry about finding cheap replicas because we are the only one that can provide you the best authentic Renaissance art-inspired jewelry. Our master artisans that are creating every piece of jewelry have the same level of craftsmanship and engineering skills used in the best jewelry shops in the world.

Everything Looks Better with Our Original and

Stylish Double Strand Bracelets

Double strand bracelets are wearable on any occasion – might be a wedding, public appearance, meeting with a bunch of professionals, and even a date with a special someone. Spicing up your look with a little hint of a double strand bracelet will never go wrong. It will give you the reputation of not looking too lackluster, but not too overdressed either.

John Medeiros offers the best-looking double strand bracelets in the following collections:

  • Anvil Collection
  • Beaded Collection
  • Celebration Collection
  • Horseshoe Collection
  • Nouveau Collection
  • Online Exclusive Collection
  • Timeless Collection

Every design of our double strand bracelets will suit every woman no matter what profession, size, and fashion style preference.

Buy a handcrafted John Medeiros adornment today to complement your personal style. Over 17 collections are waiting for you. Browse our website to see them and shop now!