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Antiqua Tailored Series Large Gold Bracelet

Antiqua Tailored Series Large Gold Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

**PLEASE NOTE: Allow up to three weeks for delivery of Tailored series pieces. 

Superior craftsmanship requires meticulous attention. This exquisite John Medeiros Tailored Series piece has been handled with white glove care to ensure a scratch-free, superior product for your enjoyment.

Due to the complex process of producing these pieces, please allow up to three weeks for delivery of all Tailored Series jewelry.


Gold Plated Bangles

: Classic Elegance by John Medeiros

John Medeiros has become a renowned name in the jewelry industry because of his timeless pieces, passionately made with superior craftsmanship. Class and affordability are the unique trademarks of his brand. For more than 30 years, he has been designing beautiful and unique accessories that perfectly complement the elegance and style of women.

Signature John Medeiros

Polished Gold Bangles

The Antiqua Tailored Series Large Gold Bracelet from our collection is the epitome of true craftsmanship, made with the utmost attention to detail. This gold plated bangle was entirely handcrafted from start to finish in East Providence, Rhode Island. It offers a unique brightness and distinction with its handmade quality and signature style.

The Antiqua Tailored Series Large Gold Bracelet can complement just about any outfit in your wardrobe. This stunning piece is an eye catcher on its own but you can pair it with any of your favorite pieces to create a more personalized look.

The plated gold bangle is perfect for formal occasions because of its classic feminine touch but you can also wear it with jeans and a plain shirt to make a bold fashion statement.

All of John Medeiros’ designs are original, registered, and copyrighted with intricate hand-carved detailing on every side. On top of that, each one of his pieces comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy a handcrafted John Medeiros Antiqua Tailored Series Large Gold bracelet today to complement your personal style.

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