Anvil Four Wire Gold Horseshoe Bracelet


Anvil Four Wire Gold Horseshoe Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

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Horseshoe Bracelet

: Fortune of Elegance

This piece is made of the fusion of two of the finest materials, Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, and timeless gold. Its design includes a four-wire cuff that secures a firm fit on your wrist and gold horseshoe charm; it also has handcrafted designs made of Rhodium and gold at both ends that holds the horseshoe in place. This bracelet speaks of both luck and beauty since the horseshoe charm has been a universal symbol of good fortune and the overall look creates a sheer appeal. The versatility of Rhodium and gold creates a perfect match to all outfits in your wardrobe; suitable for any type of occasion.

All designs are original, registered and copyrighted. Check out our timeless collection and get yourself a stylish Gold Horseshoe Bracelet.

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