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Aqua Viva Pendant with Chain

White Pearl

Length: 16"

Pearl Pendant Necklace

- Lustrous and Elegant by John Medeiros

Today’s sophisticated woman shines like a pearl. Beautiful, pure, and enduring. Embodying the virtues of the modern woman is the John Medeiros Jewelry Collection. Our exquisite creations will inspire you to keep holding on and face life’s challenges with the grace and strength of a gemstone.

Single pearl pendant necklace

: A Woman’s Priceless Beauty

The greatest beauty is found within. Practical, not capricious. Charming, but not vain. Gracious and compassionate at heart.

The John Medeiros Aqua Viva Pendant with Chain is a symbol of purity and grace. Simple, yet shining. Delicate, yet strong. It is the distinct character of today’s modern woman.

The pearl pendant is secured by a fine belcher chain. It is embraced by Rhodium and 14k gold plated setting which are shaped like delicate sepals.

Designer Pearl Pendant Necklace

: Feminine and Pure

Myths and legends surround the pearl. In ancient Vedic, the pearl was believed to be the daughter of the moon. It was said to be created by the powers of the heaven and waters of Earth which a flash of lightning had fertilized. Up to now, the pearl is associated with the moon which is said to be the ruler of water and tides.

In China, ancient people thought the pearls fell from the sky during a battle of the dragons. Hence, it’s been viewed as sacred. And, even today, they believe that these jewels are guarded by dragons.

In Japan, pearls were said to be the teardrops of mythical creatures such as nymphs and mermaids.

The world’s fascination with pearls is deep and timeless. Thousands of years have passed, and yet these underwater gems remain among the most popular jewels everywhere.

Pearls symbolize purity, innocence, love, generosity, and integrity.

Our Aqua Viva Pendant with Chain features a seashell pearl of high quality. It is composed of more than 95% nacre, the substance that makes pearls. The luster and shape are also perfect.

The fine belcher chain that holds it is also radiant due to its Rhodium finish. This kind of finishing requires minimum maintenance for this jewelry to last a lifetime.

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Pearl Pendant Chain Necklace

: How to Maintain Eternal Purity in Pearls

Take care of your pearls and other John Medeiros jewelry as follows:

  • After wearing, use a soft dry cotton cloth to wipe your jewelry clean. This will easily remove all oils and abrasives on the items. Avoid any chemicals or polishing cloth because this will affect warranty.
  • Don’t allow your jewelry to come into contact with salt, chlorinated water, and perfumes.
  • Before taking a shower or bath, remove all of your jewelry pieces. Surface water must not get into contact with your jewelry.
  • Keep your jewelry safe in the John Medeiros pouch that’s been provided upon purchase. And make sure it’s free of contact with other jewelry.

You should also remember that your pearls will remain lustrous if you ALWAYS wear them. If you are looking to build a modest collection that keeps its elegance with time, a John Medeiros pearl jewelry is the perfect piece to build your collection with.

Check out our timeless pearl necklace, earrings cuffs. Handcrafted in East Providence, our vast collection is made of the finest materials in exceptional designs. Get yourself a stylish Aqua Viva Pendant with Chain. Browse our collection today and shop online!

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