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Beaded Indigo Finish Pavé Drop Necklace

Beaded Drop Necklace

- Magnificent Beaded Jewelry by John Medeiros

Beads enjoy all-time popularity from ancient eras to modern time. We love wearing them since they mirror the colors of the world. John Medeiros crafted one of the world’s best collections of beaded jewelry. Wear these glorious pieces to spotlight your beauty!

Drop Bead Necklace

: Eternal Beauty in Beads

Beads were important part of the ancient trade. People of different cultures have long shared a deep fascination for them for centuries, or even millennia.

In ancient times, beads were made from organic materials like pearls, seashells, wood, metals, and stones. Later, ceramics, pottery and glass were also used.

Today, due to technological advancement, more attractive and multi-colored beads are produced from glass, plastic, and other synthetic materials.

The John Medeiros Indigo Finish Pavé Beaded Drop Necklace is a classic beauty.

The beads are decorated with small, brilliant Cubic Zirconia crystals that were set in pavé. The beads were further designed with geometric shapes in a golden hue. All these are accentuated by its luxurious black background.

Meanwhile, the indigo finish adds a sentimental touch to the jewelry.

This masterpiece is priced at $165.00.

Designer Beaded Drop Necklace

: The Significance of the Indigo Color

People develop intimacy with their necklace. It is because, of all kinds of jewelry, it’s the necklace which we wear close to our hearts.

The colors of our jewelry also have a lot of influence on our emotions and mood.

  • Gold. Closely identified with the Sun which symbolizes happiness, success, prosperity and true friendship. The golden rays of the sun brighten everything in the world, thereby conveying optimism and good cheer.
  • Black. This color represents mystery. We are both fascinated and fearful of its secrets. This paradoxical response to this color adds to the enigma of darkness. But, in fashion, it does symbolize power, prestige, self-confidence, and character. It is very formal and elegant. But, it can also be overpowering. This is why we must also be cautious with wearing black.
  • Silver. This color is associated with the moon. It is said to have mystical powers since it absorbs negative energies to overcome their effect. Silver is lively, modern, playful, and sleek. It can also make the wearer look very distinguished and glamorous.

And indigo?

Indigo reminds us of the dark, bluish midnight sky. Unlike blue, which friendly energy is turned outward, indigo’s energy is focused inward. It motivates us to be more thoughtful, reflective of ourselves, and gain wisdom in the process.

It is advisable to wear indigo when we want to better communicate and understand our inner being. When we need to concentrate on certain situations in our life, challenges, or problems. We will have full mental energy.

Our Indigo Finish Pave Beaded Drop Necklace presents a balanced combination of all these powerful, amazing colors!

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Be Distinctively Elegant with John Medeiros

Luxury Drop Bead Necklace

There are different rules in wearing beaded jewelry. Make use of these helpful tips to attain the glamor you are looking for:

  1. Long Bead Necklaces. You can wear this type with just about any outfit, from sheath dresses to skinny and trouser jeans. For Bohemian look, let your long necklace flow down to the button of your low-rise jeans.
  2. Short Bead Necklace. Fabulous to don with cocktail dresses, suits, and buttoned blouses.
  3. Metal Beaded Necklaces. Match with silk shirts and skinny jeans.
  4. Brilliant blue, pink, and yellow beaded jewelry. Lively to wear at springtime.
  5. Emerald and sapphire bead jewelry. Great to wear during winter.

Small, delicate beaded necklaces can be layered with other jewelry, as well. Their different shapes and sizes add texture and artistic touch to the combination.

Match a beaded necklace with a sleek, black dress. You’ll be super glamorous!

Browse our site and discover more exciting accents in our John Medeiros Beaded Collection! Order a beaded drop necklace and surprise your friends with your new, glamorous look!

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