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Little Inspirations Child & Mother SLIDER Charm


Little Inspirations  Child & Mother SLIDER Charm by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

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Mother and Child Heart Necklace

: A Timeless Symbol of Unconditional Love

John Medeiros Jewelry Collections makes unique and beautiful pendants; artisan jeweler, John Medeiros, makes the designs himself. His passion for jewelry making can be seen through his masterpieces that are made of high quality and are affordable.

Mother and Child Heart Pendant

: The Sign of Perfect Love

One of our most treasured pendants in our Little Inspirations slider charm collection is this precious piece. The heart-shaped rhodium pendant shines and is highlighted with a touch of gold. This pretty gem comes with or without chain.

This lightweight pendant symbolized the unwavering love of a mother to her child. They say that the love of a mother knows no limit and a child’s love to his or her mother is forever. This charm is the perfect accessory for all the beautiful mothers out there. You can give it as a tribute to your unsung hero or to other mothers that you know. If you are one, you can give it to your child to remind him/her that your love is endless.

John Medeiros Jewelry Collection is of high quality that is affordable and timeless. Get yourself a handcrafted John Medeiros Mother and Child Heart Necklace and own a piece of tradition and elegance.

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