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Little Inspirations Courage SLIDER Charm

Little Inspirations Courage SLIDER Charm by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Acorn Pendant

: A Statement of Courage and Inspiration

In books, we are told how the acorn represents our potential. Especially how one acorn can grow into an enormous oak and even seed a whole forest! That is exactly what you will embody as you wear our Little Inspirations Courage Slider Charm Acorn Pendant.

This piece is made with lead-free, premium alloy that is durable and lightweight. It is a two-toned pendant with a touch of gold and rhodium, making it both beautiful and long lasting. So simple and yet so elegant, you can wear it with anything on any occasion. Add it to a necklace and this pendant will surely amp up your laid-back vibe or enhance an already fashion-forward look!

Get yourself this handcrafted John Medeiros Little Inspirations Courage Slider Charm Acorn Pendant and wear an emblem of wealth, youthfulness, and power! Buy one now!


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