Little Inspirations Lock SLIDER Charm

Little Inspirations Lock SLIDERCharm by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Pendant Lock

: A Touch of Sparkling Elegance by John Medeiros

John Medeiros is a recognized name in the jewelry industry. He has been producing exceptionally beautiful and intricate handmade jewelries. His collection is known for its high quality and long lasting qualities and most importantly, affordable.

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Padlock Pendant

This slider charm from our Little Inspirations Collection is made from the perfect blend of gold and dazzling stones of cubic zirconia in pav̩ setting. Cubic Zirconia, also known as CZ, is used as an affordable alternative to diamonds. It has almost the same brilliance as diamonds without spending too much. The stones are prong set in pav̩ to make sure that they will not loosen or fall off.

This charm speaks of sophistication and elegance and it goes well with any ensemble in your wardrobe. The sparkling effect of the cubic zirconia makes it a sure piece for formal occasions but its versatility extends also from business to casual wear for everyday.

Cubic Zirconium will not chip, crack, cloud or fade. Cubic Zirconium stones are prong set and not glued to the jewelry. Get yourself a handcrafted John Medeiros Pendant Lock and own a piece of tradition and elegance.

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