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Ocean Images Seaside Collection Pavé Seahorse Slider with Chain

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Seahorse Necklace

- A Gentle, Lucky Charm by John Medeiros Jewelry Collection

Express your gentle nature with John Medeiros jewelry. The John Medeiros jewelry collections feature charms and necklaces with significant meanings in our lives. Every piece is handcrafted and original. Our world-renowned jewelry is also highly-affordable.

Seahorse Pendant Necklace

: Strength and Gentleness in a Delicate Jewelry Design

Seahorses are gentle and friendly creatures. Many people love these cute marine animals for their unique physical appearance and how they live their life in the sea. They are icons of hidden strength and perseverance, as reflected in their bodies’ unique motions. Unlike other ocean creatures, they are also mirrors of happiness and contentment.

Among our Seaside Collection is a handcrafted Seaside Pavé Seahorse Slider with Chain. It’s designed with tiny Cubic Zirconia crystals set in pave that are radiant and captivating. The fins and long snout are gold.

The seahorse pendant is 1 1/2" in length and 3/4" in width. The inner diameter of its necklace is adjustable from 16" -18.5".

And the price of this classic jewelry is only $120.00.

Another beautiful thing about this seahorse necklace is its Rhodium finish. This kind of perfect finishing gives it extraordinary radiance. Its luster is also lasting, requiring minimum maintenance.

Seahorse Charm Necklace

: Wear a John Medeiros Seahorse Pendant for Good Fortune

Since ancient history, it is believed that seahorse jewelry also brings good luck and protection.

These hummingbirds of the sea are said to be gifts from the Greek god Poseidon (also known as Neptune in Roman mythology). Ancient Greeks and Romans thought seahorses possessed mystical powers. They were particularly protective of sailors and travelers.

The Chinese also regarded seahorses as sacred because their heads look like dragons. And so, for thousands of years, seahorse jewelry were worn for divine blessings.

With our Seaside Pavé Seahorse Slider with Chain, you’ll be wearing an iconic symbol of luck. You will not find such an exquisite design in other jewelry shops.

You will also find it delightful to see other classic pieces inspired by the gentle creature of the ocean that is the seahorse:

Designer Necklace with Seahorse Pendant

: Make Your Luck Last a Lifetime

Here are ways to take care of your John Medeiros jewelry:

  • Wipe your jewelry clean using only a soft dry cotton cloth to remove all oils and abrasives.
  • Avoid chemicals or polishing cloth since it will affect your warranty.
  • Avoid contact with salt, perfumes, and chlorinated water.
  • Avoid getting wet by surface or salty water
  • Store the piece in a John Medeiros pouch to keep moisture and liquids out

Get yourself a handcrafted John Medeiros seahorse necklace and own a piece of tradition and myth. Browse our collection and check out our charming and unique seahorse-inspired pieces. Shop today!

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