Thin Fox Tail Rhodium Chain


Thin Fox Tail Rhodium Chain Necklace  by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

3mm Thickness

Rhodium Chain Necklace

: Touch of Timeless Elegance

The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection has been providing high quality yet affordable jewelry since 2000. All designs in this collection are made of 100% expert craftsmanship.

Rhodium Plated Necklace

: Long-Lasting Beauty by John Medeiros

Rhodium is known as one of the world’s most valuable precious metals; this silvery-white transition metal makes up this polished necklace. This jewel has hardwearing finish due to rhodium plating which makes it extremely durable.

The rhodium-plated necklace reflects on light creating a luster effect. It has the perfect length that could be worn solely on its own or with a lightweight charm. Typical necklaces wear off easily and are rough around the neck, but this chain necklace won’t disappoint because of its smooth finish, you wouldn’t even notice it’s around your neck.

You can give this necklace as a generous present to family and friends for an everyday piece that is sure to last. This is a day-to-day piece that has a permanent spot in your wardrobe staples.

The finish of this necklace is non-tarnish and is low maintenance. The Rhodium finish is a derivative of platinum. Check out our timeless collection and get yourself a stylish Rhodium Chain Necklace.

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