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Viana Filigree Heart Pendant with Chain

Filigree Heart Pendant

: Everything a Woman Wants

The Filigree Heart Pendant is a simple chain with the intricately designed three dimensional Filigree Heart Pendant. This is one of the more popular pieces of jewelry designed by John Medeiros. He is a local artist who started dreaming of designing his own jewelry collection at a very young age. Now, the designer has hundreds of different jewels—each design copyrighted and registered to indicate how unique it is. Medeiros’ vision was to create high-quality pieces but kept the price relatively affordable despite the spike in orders due to the brand’s massive and still growing popularity.

Filigree Heart Pendant: Exactly What a Woman Needs

Women love jewelry. Why? Because most women love pretty things—flowers, decor, clothes and jewelry. But what would women prefer over jewelry? Jewels given and chosen by the man in her life. There is something deep about a woman receiving jewelry from a man.

Among the more popular pieces in Medeiros’ collection that men prefer to buy for their girlfriends or wives is the chain with the Filigree Heart. It’s also an easy choice for men who browse John Medeiros’ online shop. No one can go wrong with a heart pendant. It is also very meaningful for a man to give a woman a heart pendant as it symbolizes a deep affection. But it doesn’t mean that the heart pendant should only be given by a person with a romantic feeling for someone, as it also has a religious meaning.

John Medeiros has a great selection of heart pendants. There’s the intricately designed Viana. The Heart Collection Pave Pendant seems like a fun design that millennials will love. For those who prefer simple, there is the Heart Collection Solid Heart Pendant. For a more classy and colorful accessory, there is the Celebration Interchangeable Stone Collection. For the elegant career women, the jewelry collection Heart Collection Mother of Pearl seems just perfect.

There are varied designs, but all these actually have a number of things in common. Each of these designs is hand-crafted in John Medeiros’ studio in East Providence, Rhode Island. Medeiros has over 30 years of hand-crafted design with each piece obviously made of high quality materials. Because it is made by hand rather than a machine, each piece is definitely made with love and passion. John Medeiros jewelry is available online and in a number of stories. Here are some of them:

  • Primavera Newport
  • Tickles
  • Sweet Twist
  • Wright’s Farm Gift Shop
  • With Heart and Soul
  • Charming Treasures
  • The Bronze Lady
  • Warren’s
  • The Lamp Stand

All products are made with lead-free, premium alloy that are strong and lightweight. This will make for a great accessory because it’s not going to be heavy on the skin.

Get yourself a handcrafted John Medeiros jewel and own a piece of tradition and elegance with stones that are made of Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconium that will not chip, crack, cloud or fade.

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