Top Christmas Gifts For Mom (Under $175)

Top Christmas Gifts For Mom (Under $175)

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Top Christmas Gifts For Mom

When you are giving a gift to your mom it can be hard to decide what to get, especially when she deserves the world. Most Mom’s will shed a tear at just about any gift from their child, but check out these trending and heartfelt suggestions to make her feel loved and appreciated even more.


1. Something Handmade or With A Special Message

Christmas is about intention, what is the meaning behind your gift to Mom this year? Whether money is tight or in abundance this Christmas, Mom just wants to know that her love means something to you. Add handcrafted and heartwarming gifts to a written card or photograph, and you have the perfect gift.

Let Mom know this Christmas that you are always thinking of her with a Little Inspirations Child & Mother SLIDER Charm - with this beautiful Two Toned, Rhodium-Silver and Gold charm piece tells mom that she is always in your heart.


This Christmas, share your appreciation for the woman who helped you become you with a tree of life charm bracelet with mom heart charm or Celebration Small Mother's Tree of Life Pendant Necklace. This necklace comes in two size, large 24” & small 16-18”

2. Popular and Classic Jewelry To Pass Down For Generations

If your mom has a favorite color or if you know her birthstone, a Colored Jewelry Set would be a classic gift you can’t go wrong with.

Heart Jewelry that is guaranteed for life is also a sure way to show your love and appreciation. She can wear it and even pass it down in the future. 

3. Shop Smart

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