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Meet Sergei, Head Designer/Model Maker

This week we sat down with head designer Sergei.

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A visit to the design studio

We caught up with John in his studio...

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Hello and thank you for all the great questions on Facebook

Hello and happy June, which means summer is officially just 3 weeks way!

Thank you for all the great questions on Facebook. Since you wanted to know:

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Reflections on the Season

With Mother's Day behind us, we're now in what I call the "Season of Celebrations".  Graduations, Confirmations, Proms... and many other Rights of Passage.
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My Weekend at IPMA '17

This weekend, John Medeiros Jewelry Collections had the honor of being one of the sponsors of the 2017 International Portuguese Music Gala Awards (IPMA 17).  Since 2012, it is always an amazing event, one the international Portuguese  creative community looks forward to every year.

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Welcome to the first edition of my blog

Starting today, I am very excited to bring you behind the scenes of my Collection. 

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