The Wire Bracelets Collection

    John Medeiros Jewelry has wire bracelets in every style. Shop our selection of wire bracelets online with beads, charms and everything in between.

    Wire Bracelets

    - Playful Yet Stylish by John Medeiros Jewelry

    John Medeiros is offering you many exciting jewelry collections that are among the world's best. His creations are all handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island -- all original and very affordable.

    Wire Cuff Bracelet

    Designs Made with Passion

    The sweet, alluring smile of a woman. The mixed look of innocence and mischief in her eyes. And the gracefulness of her movements. A woman is often compared to a jewel -- beguiling, mysterious, yet delicate.

    John Medeiros is committed to craftsmanship that pays attention to the smallest detail so that perfection is achieved. Inspirations from the artisans of the Renaissance period and nature are a sublime influence on the John Medeiros pieces. Moreover, John Medeiros has been striving to make exquisite jewelry affordable to just about anyone. Every modern woman deserves to wear a personal style that is elegant and durable.

    John Medeiros'

    Handmade Wire Bracelets

    are Works of Art

    The John Medeiros Jewelry Collections are handcrafted, which makes them original and very special. The techniques used in our Rhode Island shop is comparable to the renowned jewelry shops in the United States and overseas. We recognize that consumers still long for jewelry that is made by hands, designed with creativity, and crafted with passion. And this is what John Medeiros' bracelet collections are all about - pieces that are elaborate and intricate, yet durable. Practical, yet personal. You don't have to spend a fortune just to own something special and beautiful.

    • These are some of the features of a John Medeiros wire bracelet:Base materials are made from premium alloy with .05% of silver. This metal does not contain lead at all. No toxic substance to harm you, and no green pigmentation from nickel as well.
    • Cubic Zirconium and Swarovski Crystals, known for their brilliance and strength, are used as accent and embellishments.
    • Rhodium and gold finish for luster and durability.

    All of these give you reasonably-priced jewelry that will allow you to achieve a sense of personal style whether you prefer the simple or the ornate. We have a wide range of wire bracelets to suit your personality and complement your wardrobe.

    These are some of best-selling designer wire bracelets:

    • Simplicity Oval Double Wire Bracelet -- a charming piece at $160.00
    • Aqua Viva Thin Wire Cuff -- slim and sleek at $120.00
    • Nouveau Large Wire Cuff -- a classic at $120.00
    • Gold Circle Double Wire Bracelet -- a golden piece at $110.00

    Events and fashion bracelets do also have to match, and we recommend the following:

    • For everyday activities, just wear a simple bracelet especially in the office. It may have a small gemstone or you can even wear a thin metallic cuff if the environment is casual. Though you should also consider the kind of work you do, your bracelet must not impede your actions.
    • Weekend. You can have more fun and don bracelets with flair. Stack them up, but the weight and shapes of your bracelets must have a variation to be more visually appealing.
    • Evening. On a date, you can really up the glam. Wear metallic, gemstones, and just about anything exciting. But, if you are going to a formal occasion, a Victorian bracelet or something that looks like an heirloom will look most attractive with a gown.

    Bring in more fun and dazzle into your life and shop at John Medeiros today for the designer bracelet a woman like you deserves!