Link Bracelet

    Link Bracelet

    : Charming Chains by John Medeiros

    Some say that link bracelets are only for men, but that's completely false. John Medeiros created the best link bracelets for women who want to accessorize the simple, yet fashionable way. John Medeiros has over 17 original collections to choose from.


    Chain Link Bracelet

    Chain Link Bracelets have never been out of fashion. Chain link bracelets for women usually have charms to add more individuality. John Medeiros provides the best handcrafted designs of chain link bracelets for women. These designs are inspired by the Renaissance Age. The designs are original, registered and copyrighted--and executed to perfection.

    Specifically, these are the collections that offer chain link bracelets:

    • Horseshoe Collection – "Horseshoe Bracelet" and "Timeless Star Horseshoe Bracelet."
    • Ocean Images Collection – "Sand Dollar Charm Bracelet."
    • Oval Link Collection – "Pavé Oval Link Bracelet."
    • Seaside Collection – "Seashell Charm Bracelet."

    Charm Link Bracelets

    : Look Delicate, Feel Delicate

    Every piece of jewelry in each collection incorporates the same craftsmanship and engineering techniques used in the best jewelry shops in the world. It's made with advanced product engineering and solid construction for durability.

    John Medeiros provides the best handcrafted, high-quality and affordable designer jewelries in the market. Yes, that's right, affordable. Our products are made with non-precious lead-free premium alloys that contain .05% of silver which are lightweight but sturdy.

    Our link bracelets look fancy because the stones are either made of Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconium. Cubic Zirconium will not fade, cloud, crack, or chip. Cubic Zirconium stones are prong set and not glued to the jewelry which is a significant advantage. Given the premium quality of our materials, our items are sold at competitive prices.

    Each item has the John Medeiros trademark logo. All details are intricately hand carved on the front, sides, and back giving a true three dimensional elegance. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island. Made in America.


    Linked Bracelet

    Should be in Your Collection

    John Medeiros created linked bracelet designs that are suitable for any event or any outfit. You can get married, go on a date, have tea, or go to a business meeting with our elegant and versatile designs.

    • Bracelets are wearable in any occasion. This is because it's an accessory that you don't really need to match with your outfit. The result is adding flair and personality to your outfit.
    • Not content with one accessory? Then add more! You can always switch up styles - get a drastic change from simple to glamorous.
    • Always remember not all bracelets are for you. There are many kinds of bracelets; make sure to get the one that suits your taste.
    • Never be afraid to step out of the box. Do not be afraid to wear what you're comfortable with.

    It's never too late to feel glamorous. With our linked bracelets you can achieve your own look. Expand your jewelry collection with the beautiful and hand crafted accessories made just for women who want to achieve a fun and sophisticated look.

    Browse our expansive collections and buy a link bracelet today! The best accessory is your smile; the next best thing is to have a bracelet that you can proudly wear to compliment it! Purchase online now!