Huggie Earrings

    Huggie Earring

    s: Classic Studs by John Medeiros

    Huggie earrings combine the best qualities of hoops and studs. They are easy snap-on earrings that add a simple touch of elegance to any outfit. John Medeiros offers beautiful huggie earrings suitable for any occasion--they are eye-catching beauties women will surely love.

    Huggie Hoop Earrings

    at Reasonable Price

    Women from all walks of life have the right to look as good as they want. If they want beautiful and elegant jewelry to improve their style, they should have it. This is the kind of choice John Medeiros is giving women, by creating dazzling jewelry that is reasonably priced.

    The John Medeiros jewelry collection boasts of exquisite huggie earrings made from the highest quality materials. To prevent allergic reactions to metals, we use surgical stainless steel for the hooks and hoops of every earring. Special stones and gems are prong set, not glued, on earrings to ensure they stay in place.

    Each pair comes in a lovely design with fine hand carved details. These dazzling earrings are produced in an exclusive jewelry workshop in East Providence, under the supervision of the master jewelry designer John Medeiros.

    CZ Huggie Earrings

    in the John Medeiros Collection

    You can wear John Medeiros huggie earrings every day without fear of damage of tarnish. Our jewelry is crafted using the same engineering techniques used in famous jewelry stores worldwide. The technology and high skill level of our artisans make every pair of earring a durable and beautiful work of art.

    Each pair of our earrings has these trademark characteristics:

    • Made with premium lead-free alloy, lightweight but strong
    • Non-tarnish Rhodium finish
    • The John Medeiros logo
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

    John Medeiros designs are copyrighted and registered, making every product a rare piece of jewelry you can’t buy anywhere else. With our unique jewelry, you will always be a stand-out wherever you may go.

    Huggie Style Earrings

    : Jewelry for Any Occasion

    John Medeiros elegant huggie earrings are suitable for all types of events. They are beautiful accents for a formal or business attire, and a subtle hint of glamor for a casual outfit. They are easy to snap on and match a broad range of clothes--all you need is the confidence to wear them!

    John Medeiros has a wealth of experience in the jewelry business. With over 30 years, we have proven that our unique designs and durable jewelry are here to stay. We are proud to serve stylish and modern women all over the country through our numerous retail store and our online shop.

    Our huggie earrings are part of the larger John Medeiros jewelry collection, which consists of necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. Browse our gallery to view all the designs and learn more about our brand.

    Let John Medeiros huggie earrings add a sparkle to your attire. Available in gold and diamond. Choose one from our unique designs and order today!