Infinity Earrings

    Infinity Knot Earrings

    – A Sweet Symbol of Everlasting Love

    If you’re looking for jewelry to express your eternal love for someone, our infinity knot earrings may just be the answer. Each piece is fashioned in rhodium and 14Kt gold to make it last long and resistant to tarnish. Your special someone will surely love these earrings – they’re fashionable, elegant and safe to use every day. Check out our online store for more great finds!

    John Medeiros

    Infinity Earrings

    Make an Ideal Gift

    The best gift that anyone can ever give or receive in this world is love. Luckily, there are many ways that we can express our love and affection to our special someone – we can cook for them, give them a massage, buy them gifts, and so much more. But what makes most women happy is getting something that glitters.

    With our infinity earrings, you can give your woman exactly what she wants and express your eternal love at the same time. The infinity knot is an important symbol in places significantly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. In some cultures, it is believed to be the intertwining of wisdom and compassion. By giving your loved one a nice pair of our infinity earrings, you are showing her how much she is appreciated and desired.

    Our Infinity Collection of Pave French Wire Earrings is available in black and gold. Just choose which color suits your woman best, or you can also get her both!

    Express Your Endless Love with

    Infinity Symbol Earrings

    The endless knot is the trademark for our Infinity Collection. Each pair of earrings has an intricate design of intertwining knots that are prong set with Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconium. These precious stones make the earrings sparkle like real diamonds; something that a woman can never resist.

    We use only the finest materials – from the base to the overlay to the stones. Our infinity earrings are made from lead-free alloy with .05% silver which makes it strong and lightweight. Each piece is an original design of John Medeiros. It is passed on to the hands of skilled craftsmen who implement advanced product engineering and solid construction to ensure its quality and durability.

    Everything in our jewelry collection is handcrafted in the United States and comes with the John Medeiros logo (JM). And just like the endless knot, our warranty for each piece of jewelry is for a lifetime.

    Infinity Sign Earrings

    – A Worthy Investment

    We chose the endless knot to represent our Infinity Collection because we want you to know that we are always here to provide women with high-quality and beautiful jewelry. The interlaced design adds a unique charm to the earrings. One pair will only cost you $110, but it’s as good as making a lifelong investment as you can pass it on to your daughters and grandchildren. It’s a classic, elegant piece of jewelry that never goes out of style.

    Show your loved ones just how much they are appreciated by giving them John Medeiros jewelry. Browse through our complete collection of accessories today - we have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more!