Chain Link Necklace

    John Medeiros Jewelry has a beautiful catalog of chain link necklaces that can dress up any outfit. Our chain link necklaces come in both silver and gold. Browse our  chain link necklaces for sale.

    Chain Link Necklace

    - Charming Necklace for the Modern Woman by John Medeiros

    Women love feminine accents that project an aura of independence and individuality. These characteristics are perfectly captured in every piece of jewelry that John Medeiros creates. The renowned John Medeiros Jewelry Collection is proudly US-made and handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island.

    The Chain Link Necklace

    Women Need in their Wardrobe

    John Medeiros has been working in the jewelry industry for more than three decades. Inspired by the artisans of the Renaissance Age, John Medeiros decided to create his own jewelry line with unique and original designs. His aim was to craft jewelry pieces that are beautiful and affordable at the same time.

    Included in the John Medeiros jewelry line is a set of chain link necklaces. A necklace accentuates a woman’s face, and is considered a wardrobe essential. It can make a woman look glamorous, especially if she’s wearing a long dress.

    Accentuate Your Look with

    Designer Chain Link Necklace

    The John Medeiros Jewelry Line offers a wide array of chain link necklaces for every occasion:

    1. Pavé Collection - This collection consists of simple chain necklaces with studded pendants.
      • Lanna Solitaire Pavé Necklace
      • Pavé Teardrop Slider with Chain
      • Pavé Oval Link Necklace
      • Vertical Oval Pavé Enhancer with Chain
    2. Seaside Collection - This collection is inspired by beautiful ocean images.
      • Seaside Dolphin Slider with Chain
      • Seaside Pavé Turtle Slider with Chain
      • Seaside Treasure Anchor Slider with Chain
      • Seaside Pavé Seashell Slider with Chain
      • Seaside Pavé Seahorse Slider with Chain
      • Seaside Pavé Starfish Slider with Chain
    3. Rose Gold Collection - This collection boasts of elaborate designs and exceptional craftsmanship.
      • Rose Gold Large Slider with Chain
      • Rose Gold Small Slider with Chain
    4. Heart Collection - This collection has the perfect pieces for a romantic look.
      • Heart Pendant with Chain
      • Reversible Pavé CZ Filigree Heart Necklace
      • Viana Filigree Heart Pendant with Chain
      • Two Hearts Inseparable Slider with Chain
    5. Simplicity Collection - This collection has simple and timeless pieces you can wear anytime, anywhere.
      • Simplicity Turquoise Round Slider with Chain
      • Simplicity Turquoise Oval Slider with Chain
      • Simplicity Hammered Antique Square Slider with Chain
      • Simplicity Hammered Antique Round Slider with Chain
    Elevate Your Style with an

    Elegant Chain Link Necklace by John Medeiros

    You are assured of very high quality when you buy John Medeiros jewelry. In fact, we offer you a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. Our high standards are reflected in the quality of every piece.

    • We use lead-free, premium alloy as base materials. They are safe, durable, and lightweight.
    • The Rhodium finish of our handcrafted jewelry is non-tarnish and requires low maintenance.
    • For gemstones, we use seashell pearls, Swarovski crystal, or Cubic zirconium. Swarovski crystals and Cubic zirconia are among the most brilliant and durable jewelry stones. They won’t chip, scratch or fade.
    • The John Medeiros Jewelry Line shares the same level of craftsmanship and engineering techniques used by the best jewelry shops around the globe.
    • All of our intricate, three dimensional designs are original, registered, and copyrighted.

    When you wear a designer chain link necklace from the John Medeiros Collection, you will feel like a chic, independent woman.

    Get yourself a handcrafted John Medeiros chain link necklace and own a piece of timeless tradition and elegance!

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