Necklace with Charms

    John Medeiros Jewelry has a huge selection of necklaces with charms. Our charm necklaces come in both gold and silver. Browse our selection of charm necklaces available for sale online.

    Necklace with Charms

    : Heart-warming Mementos from John Medeiros

    Jewelry should be about more than just design. John Medeiros Jewelry believes in timeless, meaningful, personal jewelry one can cherish for a lifetime. Tell your unique story with charms and necklaces designed and handcrafted by our skilled artisans.

    Charm Necklace Chain

    : Jewelry Inspired by Unforgettable Ocean Vacations

    John Medeiros charms are delightful accents for any piece. They lend a personal touch to any outfit of any style, standing out with their unique, intricate designs. They’re the perfect addition to a simple necklace chain or bracelet.

    Our charms collection is conceived and designed in our East Providence, RI facility. Our designs are registered and copyrighted—you won’t find them anywhere else. Our skilled artisans delicately render our creations, hand carving every detail and setting each precious stone.

    Some of their inspirations:

    • Big and Small Seashells
    • Sea Turtles
    • Starfish
    • Dolphins
    • Seahorses
    • Anchors

    Charm Pendant Necklace

    Designs with a Personal Touch

    John Medeiros lovingly finishes each piece with Rhodium—an alloy of premium gold and platinum—giving it the “vintage” look for which John Medeiros Jewelry is famous. That enables us to make every piece lightweight but strong, non-tarnishing, and low maintenance.

    Our charms are lavishly embellished with stunning stones of Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconium that will never chip or fade. These stones are carefully prong set, so your jewellery’s beauty will last for a lifetime.


    Necklace that Holds

    Fond Memories of the Sea and of Nature

    Every piece of John Medeiros jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. They are the perfect gift for any occasion: timeless treasures for an affordable price.

    Personalize your style by matching our designer charms with an intricate chain necklace and standout from the crowd.

    Tell your unique story with handcrafted John Medeiros pendant charms. Check out our timeless collections and get yourself a charm necklace that reminds you of the waves and the ocean. Shop today!