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    John Medeiros Jewelry has dainty pearl necklaces, perfect for any occasion. Browse our pearl necklaces for sale.

    Fashion Pearl Necklace

    - Elegance in Pearls by John Medeiros

    Charm, intelligence, and character define the modern woman. She is the inspiration behind the John Medeiros jewelry line, a collection of elegant pieces with unique designs. Part of this collection is the fashion pearl necklace, a stunning piece that perfectly complements the style of modern women.

    Infinitely Charming

    Simple Pearl Necklace

    Famous jewelry designer John Medeiros has chosen pearls to be the gemstones of some of his masterpieces. Pearls are pure and elegant in appearance, but are incredibly strong accents. They have a beauty that appeals to everyone, including today's successful women who always want to look classy and chic.

    A distinctive character of the John Medeiros pearl necklace is its high level of craftsmanship. It is created with an original design and artistry inspired by the Renaissance.

    The John Medeiros

    Pearl Necklace: Jewelry

    For Every Modern Woman

    All pieces in the John Medeiros Jewelry Collection are handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island. Each one of them is crafted from the world's finest materials.

    With more than 30 years of expertise in handcrafting designer jewelry, John Medeiros nurtured his own vision when he decided to establish his own business. He wanted to create exquisite jewelry pieces that most women can afford.

    This vision led to the creation of the John Medeiros jewelry line. The different collections in this line share the same level of craftsmanship and engineering techniques used in the most popular jewelry shops around the world.

    Our various collections are composed of original jewelry that suits unique and sophisticated styles.

    • Aqua Viva, Sparkling Seas, Seaside, and Ocean Images - collections inspired by the beauty and power of the sea
    • Heart - heart-shaped jewelry in various designs
    • Timeless and Infinity - wearable works of art with a timeless appeal
    • Simplicity - simple and jewelry for everyday use
    • Celebration Collection - the perfect gifts for loved ones

    John Medeiros jewelry has a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer's defects. In addition, our jewelry is/has:

    • Made with lead-free, premium alloy which is both strong and lightweight. They are safe and comfortable to wear at all times.
    • The Rhodium finish which is non-tarnish and requires low maintenance.
    • Pearls, Swarovski crystals, or Cubic zirconium as gemstones.
    • Original, registered, and copyrighted designs

    With these precious qualities, any modern woman will be proud to make John Medeiros jewelry a part of their personal style.

    Radiate Confidence and Happiness with Your

    Modern Pearl Necklace

    Here are some of the best-selling pearl necklaces from John Medeiros:

    • Seaside Spring Ring Strand of Knotted Pearls - one of the most elegant accessories to reflect a woman's sophisticated taste
    • Seaside Pendant with Chain - reminiscent of the beauty of underwater gems
    • Aqua Viva Pendant with Chain - a simple chain necklace with a lovely pearl pendant
    • Pearl Enhancer with Chain - a pearl necklace suitable for any occasion

    Our beautiful pearl jewelry can be worn to:

    • Fancy formal occasions. Our pearl necklace looks very sophisticated and has a classic appeal. It can be partnered with formal dresses and attires.
    • Workplace and job interviews. Choose a simple pearl necklace to complement your business attire.
    • Dates and casual gatherings. Your pearls can also be fun to wear with denim pants and out-to-town outfits. Wear a pearl necklace with a delicate chain or choose a fancy pearl rope.

    Check out our timeless collection and get yourself a stylish pearl necklace today!

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