Twisted Bead Collection Earrings

    Twisted Bead Collection Earrings – Exquisite Creations by John Medeiros

    John Medeiros always had an eye for beautiful jewelry. He established Tahoe Jewelry in 1985 and offered intricate polishing and stone setting services to various jewelry stores. As his expertise grew, JM started designing and crafting his jewelry. He launched his first collection in 2000 and became a huge success since then.


    Designer Twisted Bead Collection Earrings

    are Simply Irresistible

    John Medeiros has the finest collection of handcrafted twisted bead collection earrings coated in rhodium and 14Kt gold. Guaranteed to last a lifetime,  especially if properly cared for. We also have bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry that are perfect for any look.

    JM’s twisted bead collection earrings are one of his most popular creations. Each pair shows his dedication to detail; the beads in rhodium or 14Kt gold transform the metal into intricate pieces of ear accessory. The unique texture of the twisted bead collection earrings makes it more stylish and charming. It is a must that every woman should have at least one pair.

    Aside from being irresistible, our twisted bead collection earrings are also wearable. You can choose from three beautiful styles or have them all! The Small Twisted Bead Collection Post Clip Earrings can be worn every day while the Large Twisted Bead Collection Clip Earrings and Large Wide Twisted Bead Collection Clip Earrings are more suitable for formal events or a corporate look. These three have equally attractive designs and can easily be clipped on your ears without fuss.

    Unique Twisted Bead Collection Earrings

    that Never Go Out of Style

    One of our main goals is to create jewelry that can be passed down from one generation to the next. We only use the best materials available to make everything in our collection a worthy investment for our customers. Each piece is guaranteed to withstand the test of time and the ever-changing world of fashion. You can wear them now, tomorrow and even years to come.

    Each piece of John Medeiros Jewelry is made from:

    • Lead-free premium alloy with .05% of silver which makes it strong, yet lightweight
    • Finished with rhodium and 14Kt gold which makes it last longer and resistant to tarnish
    • Precious stones such as Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconium that sparkle like real diamonds
    • Surgical steel for earring posts to make them hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use

    Beautiful Twisted Bead Collection Earrings

    within Budget

    John Medeiros has a relentless desire to create superior jewelry. But he also believes that it should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone. We have embedded the JM moniker on each piece of our jewelry to show our clients that we are committed to quality, yet never costly.

    Our twisted bead collection earrings are not like any other that you can find in the market. We have combined the luxury of gold and silver, the sophistication of black and the unique texture of the twisted bead collection, all in one ear accessory. Just one look at it, and you’ll immediately see why it is a woman’s object of desire.

    Get yourself a pair of these beautiful, handcrafted twisted bead collection earrings from John Medeiros to complement your style today, and for the coming years. Browse through our collection online and witness its elegance for yourself.