Anvil Knot Bracelet

Anvil Knot Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections.

Length: 6¾"
Center Knot: 3/4" W x 1⅛" L

Knot Chain Bracelet

: Endless Elegance by John Medeiros

This classic piece by John Medeiros is made of high quality rhodium with a gold accent on the knot and the horseshoe lock for an additional lustrous effect. The knot is said to be a symbol of two souls intertwining with each other. It is the perfect gift to family members to represent the strong bond together. It could also be given to a friend to symbolize the secured foundation of the friendship or a thoughtful gift to your special someone to signify your never-ending love and devotion. You can also spoil yourself and get one as a reminder of love for anyone you hold close to your heart. This vintage-looking piece can complement any ensemble for all types of occasions.

In John Medeiros Jewelry Collection, each piece of jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Browse our collection of bracelets and buy a Knot Chain Bracelet today!

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