Beaded Two Tone Triple Strand Bracelet

Beaded Two Tone Triple Strand Bracelet


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Beaded Two Tone Triple Strand Bracelet by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Length: 7"


Two Tone Beaded Bracelet

by John Medeiros

This piece is made of Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, and gold; the combination of these two materials is the epitome of classic when it comes to the world of jewelries. Each of the triple strands is made of Rhodium round and tube-shaped beads and gold charms with handcrafted design. It also comes with a lock that is in two-tone and a design that is an homage to Renaissance filigree. This quintessential piece is your everyday go-to accessory; its versatile style and materials complete your day-to-day ensemble. Casual, formal, or whatever the occasion is, this bracelet is an essential piece to your collection.

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