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Heart Collection Double Strand Mother of Pearl Necklace

Mother of Pearl Pendant

: The John Medeiros Jewelry Collections Does It Best

There is nothing as captivating than a mixture of passion and elegance when it comes to choosing and wearing necklaces. John Medeiros Jewelry Collections does it brilliantly more than anyone else with its Heart Collection Double Strand Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace. It is so beautiful and charming that every woman wants to have a piece of it. It is ideal for formal events and social functions. This is definitely the best necklace for confidently, beautiful women.

Personal Style by John Medeiros

John Medeiros has been a timeless icon in the jewelry industry because of its unique and elegant designs. It values craftsmanship and engineering to produce well-detailed pieces of jewelry. For more than thirty years, we have been known with our intricate handcrafted designs and high quality materials. It is considered by thousands of its followers as the “best jewelry producer in the world.”

All pieces of jewelry are made with lead-free premium alloy that are strong and lightweight. Its jewelry also requires low maintenance since its Rhodium finish is non-tarnish. The beautiful and striking Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zircinium is the main highlight of every jewelry piece.

Born in 2000 at East Providence, Rhode Island, the John Medeiros Jewelry Collections is a product of a beautiful vision by John Medeiros himself - a vision to produce elegantly beautiful jewelry at very reasonable prices. This is definitely a must-have for every woman.

The Mother of Pearl Pendant At Its Finest

One of our most beautiful entries in John Medeiros Jewelry Collections is its Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace. It is a choker-type of necklace made with double strands. The main star, however, in this elegant piece is its heart-shape pearl pendant. Just like other John Medeiros pieces of jewelry, the Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace is originally patented with its unique design. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer designs.

This necklace is ideal for formal and special occasions because of its elegant character. It speaks of romance, luxury, women empowerment, independence, charm and even confidence. This makes this brilliant piece a staple part in every woman's jewelry collection. This is mainly because this necklace exudes itself a genuine touch of personal style. Truly an amazing product of John Medeiros!

Enjoy Being Stylish

Fit for every independent woman out there, the Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. You are assured that our necklace is in good shape all the time and you can never be out of style in wearing such. This necklace suits best with cocktail dresses, gowns and even business attires. This is ideal with low neckline clothes or tube-like dresses and tops.

We can assure you that all of our pieces of jewelry are genuine and have undergone extensive engineering. It is a product of human brilliance and application of modern engineering technology.

Just like all other women in the world, you too deserve to have a piece of John Medeiros Jewelry. Check out our timeless collection and get yourself a stylish Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace. Call us today at (800) 491-2944 or send e-mail to CustomerCare@JohnMedeiros.com.

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