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Heart Collection Three Heart Pavé Center Necklace

Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant

: A John Medeiros Elegant Piece

The John Medeiros (JM) Jewelry Collections is deemed by many as the best in the fashion and jewelry industries. Inspired by the artistry of Renaissance, John Medeiros has been producing unique and amazing pieces of jewelry since the 1980s in East Providence, Rhode Island. Its beautiful designs are being complemented with its top-quality materials and brilliant engineering. Plus, it comes at very affordable prices.

CZ Heart Necklace

Is a Must-Have

Just like other jewelry collections of JM, this necklace was intricately handcrafted. It depicts the brilliant craftsmanship and excellent engineering styles which the JM Jewelry Collections are known best. It is made with high-quality materials and premium alloy that are lightweight yet sturdy. What makes this stunning necklace more amazing is that, despite its elegant style, it remains to be low maintenance. It does not tarnish because its Rhodium finish is a derivative of platinum.

The design of the necklace is inspired by passion and tradition that exudes over-all elegance. This is ideal for independent women who are confident and passionate with grace and elegance.

CZ Heart Pendant

for a Lifetime

With John Medeiros, you have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. This is to make sure that each client gets the best out this wonderful necklace for a lifetime. What makes this more interesting is that it comes at a very affordable price. Truly a good buy for every confidently beautiful woman. This timeless masterpiece has stones made of Swarovski Crystal and Cubic Zirconium. These stones are not glued to the jewelry but are carefully prong-set.

Deemed by some as the best necklace in the world, the CZ Heart Pendant Necklace has a unique beautiful design that is registered and copyrighted. Only JM Jewelry Collections owns this. We assure you that you will be among the very few who will have this kind of stylish necklace.

The Perfect Time Is Now

Make your look more stunning with this timeless and elegant necklace. The heart-shaped pendant is the main highlight of the piece, making it both elegant and charming at the same time. So, what are you waiting for! Adorn that beautiful neck of yours with this wonderful necklace. This is truly a masterpiece that makes every woman who wears it more attractive and lovely.

Buy a handcrafted JM CZ Heart Necklace now to complement your personal style. You will surely never run out of style when you have this necklace; anytime, anywhere. Truly, every woman’s dream! To buy, you have to post your order now online and we will deliver immediately the item right to your doorstep. For queries, you can also send us a message through the John Medeiros official website. Our friendly customer care team is always ready to answer your questions.

Get yourself hand-made JM necklaces and/or other beautiful pieces. At an affordable cost, you can have that uniquely beautiful and charming CZ Heart Necklace. Call us today at (800) 491-2944 or send e-mail to CustomerCare@JohnMedeiros.com.

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