Ocean Images Seaside Collection Little Inspirations Anchor SLIDER Charm


Little Inspirations Anchor SLIDER Charm by John Medeiros Jewelry Collections

Anchor Charm Necklace

: Handcrafted Nautical Piece by John Medeiros

John Medeiros earned his name in the jewelry industry by making handcrafted masterpieces. His collection is known for being elegantly crafted in high quality and with passion.

Set Sail On a Dazzling Adventure With This

Anchor Necklace Charm

This charm is highlighted with a touch of gold and a cubic zirconia gem for a touch of sparkle.

The symbol of an anchor has gained popularity and represents the four S's, safety and security, strength, and stability. Safety and security make the famous meaning of this pendant also known as arriving safely at one's destination; Strength for serving as a reminder to remain grounded amidst the challenges and conflicts in life; Stability for building a strong foundation among family and friends.

This piece comes with a choice of with or without chain, completing one's everyday look. It could also be the perfect gift for a loved one who is an ocean fanatic.

All products are made with lead-free, premium alloy that are strong and lightweight. Check out our celebration collection and get yourself a stylish anchor charm necklace.

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