Ocean Images Seaside Collection Dolphin Slider with Chain

Dolphin Necklaces

Made in the USA

John Medeiros only manufactures jewelry in America, handcrafting each piece right here in East Providence, RI.

Dolphin Necklaces

Among the high-quality accessories manufactured by John Medeiros are the dolphin pendants and necklaces. A lot of people love these pieces because they transcend age and gender. Kids love dolphins because they are fun, women like them because they are cute, and men enjoy that they are pesky. People love them because dolphins make them feel young.

If you've ever watched an ocean adventure show of sorts, you know that dolphins are extremely smart. This just adds to the meaningfulness of a dolphin pendant or necklace. Having such an accessory fosters positivity. Wearing such jewel will attract powerful qualities in a person. John Medeiros has an Ocean Images Seaside Collection that features a Dolphin Slider with Chain. The chain is adjustable to go between 16 and 18.5 inches.

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