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Ocean Images Seaside Collection Dolphin Slider with Chain

Dolphin Necklaces

: Made in the USA

John Medeiros only manufactures jewelry in America. Unlike other companies, the brand is not mainly concern about making money. Its priority is to make sure each piece that is produced is of high quality.


Dolphin Necklaces


Among the high-quality accessories manufactured by John Medeiros are the dolphin pendants and necklaces. A lot of people love these pieces because they transcend age and gender. The love for dolphins is not limited to one genre. Kids love dolphins because they are fun, women like them because they are cute, and men enjoy that they are pesky. More mature people love them because dolphins make them young. But wearing dolphin pendants or necklaces actually has a deeper meaning.

In Ancient Greece, dolphins were good enough for royalty. Dolphins were embossed on the clothes of the members of the royal family. Dolphins symbolize strength because they are always moving. It also means evolution. Christians also revere dolphins. It is believed that as fishermen fish in the sea, dolphins approach them hoping to play with them.

The Celts, on the other hand, believe dolphins are the intelligent dwellers from beyond the coast. A lot of Celtic carvings and trinkets feature the sea mammals as well. China also considers dolphins good luck. According to their lore, dolphins have led lost ships to the shore; some have rescued fishermen from drowning.

And if you’ve ever watched an ocean adventure show of sorts, you know that dolphins are extremely smart. This just adds to the meaningfulness of a dolphin pendant or necklace. Having such an accessory fosters positivity. Wearing such jewel will attract powerful qualities in a person. John Medeiros has an Ocean Images Seaside Collection that features a Dolphin Slider with Chain. The piece is less than $100 and is a perfect gift to any kin or friend on any occasion. The chain is adjustable to go between 16 and 18.5 inches. Other dolphin jewels by John Medeiros are the Little Inspirations Small Dolphin Clip Charm and Dolphin Fishwire Earrings.

All products are made with lead-free, premium alloy that are strong and lightweight. Each item is handcrafted in East Providence, Rhode Island. Each one is also copyrighted and registered ensuring its unique design.

Swarovski Dolphin Necklace

: Design to Impress

John Medeiros stones are either made of Swarovski Crystal or Cubic Zirconium. Cubic Zirconium will not chip, crack, cloud or fade. Cubic Zirconium stones are prong set and not glued to the jewelry. The dolphin earrings, dolphin charm and dolphin pendant feature Swarovski or Cubic Zirconium eyes.

Medeiros’ designs are mostly influenced by the Renaissance period. The creator had this notion he can produce great jewelry from high quality materials but sell it at a price that middle America can afford. The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection was launched in 2000, but the designer has been creating well-crafted accessories as early as 1935. A lot of his pieces have hand-crafted detailing indicative of the passion that goes through making a single piece. The details are intricate, all over the piece—whether it’s a pendant or a charm or a bracelet.

Check out the John Medeiros collection and get yourself stylish jewelry from the company with over 30 years of experience handcrafting accessible and elegant designer jewelry.

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